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The Smash: Issue #7

January 25, 2017 02:06 PM




Issue #7,  Januaey 24, 2017


THE SMASH is a periodic email newsletter of the Alpine Regional Tennis Association (ARTA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to promote tennis in Northern Michigan.  You are receiving this email because we would like to keep you up to date about exciting tennis activities underway in our Gaylord community, including efforts to construct four new courts at the Sportsplex. 

As recipients of the Smash ARTA has brought to your attention the many benefits of the game of tennis.

Whether it’s health and fitness, competition, socializing or the act of continued learning, tennis is truly the game for life. 
As an instructor I see these benefits and stories everyday.

A truly inspiring story that has transpired since ARTA began a few years back is about a local boy and his family’s journey into the world of tennis.

The story begins with a young boy, Michael Fernandez Jr., signing up for his first summer ARTA tennis program in Gaylord.

From that moment on the whole storyline of the Fernandez family was changed forever.
Michael found a sport that uniquely matched his talents and passion.

Taking group as well as private lessons Michael soon began to win 10& under tournaments around the state of Michigan.

As a coach, it’s very uplifting to see the passion and desire of a student translate into success.

By Michaels third season it was apparent his game was growing exponentially and decisions had to be made about his future in tennis.

Michaels “team” at that time consisted of myself and his supportive parents Mike and Denise.
As we met and discussed options to grow Michaels game, it became obvious that he needed to step up to the next level, into a high performance program.

A place that he could grow his game and be challenged on a daily basis.

As fate would have it Mike Fernandez accepted a job in Southern California, one of the hotbeds for tennis in the U.S.

Shortly thereafter Michael was enrolled in a high performance program that trains students from all over the world.

Within a year Michael had made into the top 100 in So. Cal. 10& Under and eventually into the top 50!

Fast forward to Jan. 2017.  Michael is now playing in the 12& under age group and has upped his ranking to 39 in the state. This past week he competed in his first level one national, one of the biggest tournaments for Cali juniors.

An incredible feat in such a short amount of time.  Michael isn’t the only ranked player in the Fernandez family though, as his younger brother Nick who also started playing in the ARTA programs is now ranked in the top 100 for 10& under!!

Congratulations to the whole Fernandez family!  Your Gaylord friends are cheering you on and look forward to your continuing story.


Tennis truly is a sport for a lifetime. It rally’s friends and families on many levels to be the best they can be!

Please contact us to see what ARTA and tennis can do for you!

Dave Johnson USPTR

Alpine Regional Tennis Board



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