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The Smash: Issue #3

August 17, 2016 12:06 PM



AS SUMMER WINDS DOWN….GREAT SEASON FOR TENNIS GROWTH.  Dave Johnson, tennis pro and ARTA board member, wraps up a busy summer.  The summer schedule was full of popular Monday/Wednesday Adult Stroke/Strategy Clinics, Weekly Cardio workouts, private/group lessons and the Start/Restart Program (13 players). Our multi week youth programs included: Midwest Youth (ages 6-12 with 40 players); and Summer Youth (age based group lessons 6-14 years with 36 players). YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO PLAY. The Adult Stroke/Strategy Clinics (Monday/Wednesday @ 10 am) and Cardio Clinic (Thursday @ 6:30 pm) will continue at Treetops Resort into September as weather and participation permit.  Cost is $10.


SAVE THE DATE – Come join us for a late afternoon of tennis, fun, food and refreshments with “Sets in the City” on Sunday, August 21 from 4-6 pm at Treetops.  All skill levels welcome!


FOCUS GROUPS PROVIDE VALUABLE COMMUNITY INPUT - On July 26, the Sportsplex hosted two focus groups to gain public input on the programs of the Sportsplex, including the four proposed new outdoor tennis courts.  The response from the community was very positive and is much appreciated.


ARTA TO PRESENT GRANT APPLICATION DETAILS TO DNR BOARD - On August 17, 2016, ARTA President Laura Hansmann will make a presentation to the DNR Trust Fund Board explaining the details of our application for construction of the four outdoor tennis courts at the Sportsplex.  ARTA is working very hard to provide a very complete application maximizing all resources for the benefit of all in our community. A decision is expected in November.


ARTA RECEIVES $5000 FROM "REGIONAL PROSPERITY INITIATIVE". The Northeast Michigan Council  of Governments (NEMCOG) is a catalyst for strategic planning and in this role assists local governments and other entities obtain grants for vital projects. The Regional Prosperity Initiative is one of those grants. Thank you NEMCOG for your generous grant.


GAYLORD LADIES TEAMS PLAY IN GOVERNORS CUP TOURNY – 4 local tennis players competed in the “Governor’s Cup” Tournament at Boyne Mountain August 6-7. Kristin, Sheila, Cathy and Sue had a great time and met other northern tennis players that continue to support ARTA's efforts to build 4 new tennis courts. 


OPENING UP NEW CONNECTIONS – A recent patron of Treetops sought out ARTA’s Dave Johnson for lessons to round out a golf vacation.  Also ARTA was able to provide a tennis league play opportunity for a player in Gaylord overnight on business.


Thanks for reading this SMASH update…feel free to share it with your circle of friends.  Also see www.facebook.com/GaylordARTA for more information.