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Wednesday March 14, 2007, N’Orthopedics, Gaylord MI 7:00 p.m.

Mission Statement:
To promote and Develop the Growth of Tennis
Call to order by President Mary Sivula
Roll Call Mary Sivula
Approval of January Minutes Ann Onello
Treasurer’s Report 
Dick Ruemenapp
Committee Reports:
1. Adults Wendy Reeve
2. Adult League Coordinator Peggy Bushy
     A. Weekend Schedules
3. Community Tennis Associations Margaret Ruemenapp
     A. Alpena’s Grand Opening  March 23-24
     B. Bessemer
4. Communications Ruth Smith
5. District Endorsers Tom van Deinse
6. Grants Tom van Deinse
7. Junior Competitive Events Tom van Deinse
     A. Jr Wightman Cup
     B. Jr Davis Cup
     C. Area Training Center Andy Caldwell
8. Junior Team Tennis Chris Michalowski
9. Diversity Dick Ruemenapp
10. Grievance Wendy Reeve
11.Sanction and Schedule  Margaret Ruemenapp
     A. Northern Michigan Junior Indoor
12. Nominating Committee Marilynn Smith
13. Yearbook Margaret Ruemenapp
14. Awards Terry Parks
15. Officials Bryn Lynch
16. Ranking Andy Caldwell
17. Other Old Business
     A. Executive Director’s Activity Log
     B. The Bob
18. New Business
     A. Suggested Meeting Sites:  
          January, Traverse City
          March, Gaylord
          May, Traverse City
          September, Conference Call
          November, Petoskey
     Date and Time of May Meeting