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2006 NMTA Teams Advance to State Competition

(Page last updated 9/1/06)

Northern Michigan teams battled it out locally in the USTA Leagues to advance to the state competition.
To check out the statistics on how teams did at the state level click on the links below.
Sometimes the statistics do not tell the full story.
To get the real scoop talk with players on the teams that advanced.

Click on this link to start your search for information on teams advancing to the State Competition:

Through this link you can locate statistics from the state competitions.  

It should show the year as 2006

Click on the Championship bar and select  regional championships  (what we think of at states is referred to as regionals on the USTA website.)

Under section select USTA / Midwest
Select Regional Championships ( again )

This page gives information about all the state competitions in our five state Midwest section. They are listed by type of play, gender and level.

So find:
The Division / Adult or Senior
The NTRP level / 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
Gender / male or female
Championship / all the above information for Michigan

You click on this championship information and it will take you to the statistics for that level

Once you have found the competition that you want:

Click on the team that you want to check out and it will take you to information on that team.

If you click on the name of a team member that played in the competition it will take you to a page that gives you information on all matches played by that person during the 2006 USTA League season. At the bottom of the page will be information on championship play.

If you click on the match ID # it will take you to a page that gives you information about all players for that individual match and the match scores.

None of the NMTA teams moved on to the Sectional championships this year. Bummer.

The system is not real friendly but if you keep poking around you will usually find the information that you want.

If you want any help with this I would be glad to try to help.
Ruth Smith