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2008 BOB Tournament

March 6, 2008 07:17 PM

The 2008 Bob Swanson Memorial Scholarship Fund Tournament went well with the support of NMTA.

February 22-24, 2008 was a weekend of fun and competitive tennis in Northern Michigan with the 9th Bob Swanson Memorial Tennis Tournament being held at The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. 

There was fierce competition and fierce trash talk at the slightest provocation or at no provocation as teams fought for first place in the spirit of Bob Swanson. A list of winners and finalist follows.

The banquet meal was superb and the presentation of the 2008 Bob Scholarships was done with class by Lynn Swanson. A drawing for raffle items followed the scholarship presentation.

The 2008 Scholarship recipients of $1,000 each were:

Ali Gribi – Traverse City
Derek Harrington - Kingsford
Emily LeLandais – Traverse City
Sarah Malone – Traverse City
Justin Marzinski - Manistee
Erin Wiethoff - Escanaba

Tournament Results:

2007 The Bob Tournament Winners and Finalists & Consolation Winners
Names:      Scores
6.0 Men - no contenders

7.5 Men
Main Draw Winners:
Johan Kruger & Dave Sizemore     def.           6-4, 6-1  
Branko Gegich & J.P. Milliken

Consolation Winners:
Bill Blaum & Andy Holbrook        def.    6-2, 6-2
Roger Binsfield & Michael Ferraro

8.5 Men
Main Draw Winners:
Carl Doerschler & Derek Harrington  def.     0-6, 6-2, 10-6
Scott David & Dennis Murray

Consolation Winners:
Javier Sanchez & Tim Welsh   def.     6-4, 6-1 
Fred Ball & Tim Sutherland

Men’s Open
Main Draw Winners:
First Place: Scott David & Joe Havican
Second Place: Carl Doerschler & Daylen Dye
Third Place: Larry Czubak & Bryan Olshove

6.0 Women
First Place: Jean Clous & Cindy Gokey
Second Place: Vickie Lampel & Dorie White
Third Place: Sally Reeves & Karen Rosa 

7.5 Women
Main Draw Winners:
Wendy Judson & Barbara Patterson      def.            6-4, 6-1
Barbara Hodge & Barb Polzin

Consolation Winners:
Gay Soupiset & Theresa Stack   def.        7-5, 7-5
Amy Blanke & Pam McGraw

8.5 Women
Main Draw Winners:
Erin Chadwell & Ali Gribi   def.   5-7, 6-4, 11-9
Sarah Malone & Josie Schmude

Consolation Winners:
Pam Osterlund & Susan Pizzuti  def.  6-1, 6-0
MaryAnn Fouch & Jennifer Moore 

6.0 Mixed
First Place: Cindy Gokey & Brad Lowran
Second Place: Jean & Brian Clous
Third Place: Sally Reeves & Gary Lake

7.5 Mixed
Main Draw Winners:
Kathy Easter & David Sizemore  def.    6-2, 6-3
Faith Gavaldon & Andy Holbrook     

Consolation Winners:
Mark Fischer & Jennifer Moore    def.    7-5, 6-3
Derek Harrington & Erin Wiethoff

8.5 Mixed
Main Draw Winners:
Erin Chadwell & Mark Fries    def.    6-2, 6-3
Kristen Campbell & Branko Gegich

Consolation Winners:
Laura Chamberlin & Dennis Green    def.              6-1, 6-3
Shaun Schneider & Marc Van Dam