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Being the Junior Wightman Cup coach for the first time has been such a rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to travel down to Muncie, Indiana with eight wonderful young ladies representing the Northern Michigan district. I would like to send a personal "Congratulations" to all the Junior Wightman Cup participants from Northern Michigan: Meagan Killips (Petoskey), Christine Milliken (Traverse City), Michelle Wicksall (Traverse City), Chelsea Klemens (Traverse City), Ashley Jelenek (Traverse City), Callee Newhouse (Traverse City), Melissa Engel (Traverse City) and Ashley Billings (Ishpeming).

The girls came upon some great competition during the tournament week of June 14-17, 2003. They saw the likes of Central Indiana (loss of 7-0), Northeast Ohio (loss of 7-0), Northeastern Michigan (loss of 7-0) and Southern Illinois (loss of 4-3). The last team match was a close one and it came down to our last player. We won two of the three doubles matches and court No. 4 & 6 singles (Ashley Jelinek and Callee Newhouse respectively) won their matches. Meagan Kilips (#2 singles) hurt her back during play so she had to withdraw, Melissa Engel (No. 5 singles) gought out a tough three set match but fell just short of the vicgory, Christine Milliken (No. 1 singles) lost in stright sets and Michelle Wicksell (No. 3 singles) lost a hard fought two setter.

Each one of the girls came away from the weekend with more match toughness and a greater sense of their own individual games. I'm proud of each and everyone of our girls and I look forward to another great Jr. Wightman Cup tournament next year. Until then, keep playing you fine young "actresses!".


We do not have a complete write up concerning Northern Michigan's participation in the 2004 Junior Wightman Cup competition.

Members of the 2004 Junior Wightman Cup Team:

Ashley Billings / Ishpeming
Melissa Engel / Traverse City
Kimberly Gardner / Galdstone
Christine Milliken / Traverse City
Callee Newhouse / Traverse City
Katie Perdue / Traverse City
Jessica Salo / Traverse City
Michelle Wicksall / Traverse City