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Information on junior rankings

 As we move on in this technological era, our systems, with the help of the USTA and the Tennis Link Team, have become computerized. Almost anything we need can be found on our website, either of a National nature (USTA.com), a sectional nature (Midwest.com) or of a district nature (northernmichigan.usta.com).

Juniors no longer need to submit player record forms to either Northern Michigan or the Midwest to be considered for a singles ranking. All rankings are done at the Midwest office based on our (Northern Michigan) criteria, by the computer.

Our ranking criteria for Northern Michigan remain the same:

1.   Three tournaments in Northern Michigan

2.   Two tournaments in Northern Michigan and either the Midwest Closed or the Midwest Open.

3.   One tournament in Northern Michigan and the Midwest Closed and Midwest Open

Juniors, however, should keep their own player record. In the eventuality you play another Northern Michigan player in an out of district tournament, you need to relay that information to Greg Boyd at the Midwest office, greg@midwest.usta.com

To be considered for a double ranking you need to input all information to Greg Boyd at USTA / Midwest.  greg@midwest.usta.com

 To find your 2004 ranking, please follow this procedure:

1.   Go to northernmichigan.usta.com and click on the juniors tab (left)

2.   Click on Midwest Seeding in the center of the page

3.   Under ranking home find  Northern Michigan under Midwest

4.   Put in the yearyou want to research, all divisions and tentative ranking

5.   Click on Find it 

6. Click on the age division you wish to research

 Please note that there is no master list containing all your tournaments, only your Northern Michigan tournaments. Should you be placed on a Midwest seeding list your entire record would be available with a click on your name.

 If at any time you see a discrepancy between your personal record and what has been published on the web, please contact me immediately. We will find answers!!

Ruth Smith rasmith@torchlake.com

For rankings for 2003 and 2004 look under Tab for Previous Year End Junior Rankings for NMTA