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2006 Junior Ranking by Points per Round Update

Points per round ranking for 2006

There are new Northern Michigan requirements to receive a 2006 Northern Michigan ranking. Please read the ranking requirements below first. This information may help you decide which tournaments to play.

Why Get a Ranking
Rankings can play an important part in your junior career. Yes, you will get your picture in the NMTA yearbook if you have one, but there are other important reasons to obtain a ranking:

A ranking gives you a better chance of being "seeded" in the tournaments that you decide to play
The higher your ranking, the better chance you have of not playing the best players in the draw in the early rounds
A ranking will make it easier for you to get accepted into higher level tournaments
A ranking will get you into more tournaments that have limited draws
A ranking will get you into USTA specialty funtions (like a training center) easier than if you did not have a ranking
High School coaches may take your ranking into consideration when you are trying out for the team
College coaches definitely take your ranking into consideration when recruiting
Rankings help you set goals
Yes, a ranking will get your picture in the Northern Michigan yearbook

New NMTA Ranking Reqiurements

To obtain an NMTA ranking based on 2006 play you must comply with one of the following criteria:

1. Play in a minimum of 3 NMTA sanctioned tournaments*

2. Play in the Midwest Closed and two NMTA sanctioned tournaments*

*You must have points earned in at least one NMTA tournament to be on the NMTA ranking list. The NMTA will take your top 5 tounaments in the district to determine your NMTA ranking. See points per round information below.

*New* Points Per Round Ranking System *New*

In the past, you obtained a ranking by how well you played against players in your age division. If you beat someone who was ranked higher than you, your ranking went up. If you lost to someone ranked below you, your ranking went down. Now, your ranking is determined by "points" like in professional tennis.

Points are earned by number of rounds won in each tournament you play. The farther along you get in a tournament, the more points you will receive for the event. Tournaments are weighted as well. This means that you can win more points in some tournaments than others, because they are designated as higher level tournaments.

In Northern Michigan, we have three different levels of tournaments:

Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6**

**For a Midwest Ranking, they consider all of our tournaments level 6 except for the qualifier, which is level 4. For an NMTA ranking, use the level 4,5 and 6 criteria

Level 4 will give you the most points for a win, level 6 will give you the least amount of points for a win and level 5 is in-between them.

To see a breakdown of the points system, CLICK LINK BELOW:
(Look on page 4, "Main Draw with Modified Consolation" section)

Your top 5 tournaments (points wise) will determine your Northern Michigam Ranking for the year. This means that at the end of the year, your point totals will be added up from your top 5 NMTA sanctioned tournaments and that will decide whrere you are on the ranking list.

If you just play the minimum (3 tournaments) you will be eligible for a ranking (if you have at least one win), but your point totals may be lower than if you played in 5.