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TENTATIVE NMTA Meeting Minutes from March 21, 2010


TENTATIVE Minutes of the
Bi-monthly Meeting for the
Northern Michigan Tennis District
Sunday, March 21, 2010 7:00 p.m.
Conference Call
To be reviewed and voted upon at the May 16, 2010 meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Don Newport, president. The agenda stood as written.

In attendance: Don Newport, Dick Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith,  Rochelle Cotey, Nancy Rushlow, Paul Bandrowski, Claudia Vanlandschoot and Wendy Reeve. Board members absent were Harold Calton and Vickie Lampel . Staff present: Margaret Ruemenapp and Rebecca Rogers. Staff absent were Diane Gillespie, Adam Begley and Laura Chamberlin.

A motion to approve the January 17,2010 Board meeting minutes was made and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report has been filed as presented by Dick Ruemenapp.

Committee Reports:

Adult Leagues:
Rebecca Rogers reported that Leagues are ready to go for the 2010 spring season.

Grants/Advocacy Committee: 
Margaret Ruemenapp reported that Eric Bergsma has the materials necessary for his committee. Information on his committee members will be presented at the next meeting. Dick Ruemenapp reported that NMTA had indeed been awarded a $600.00 Organizational Excellence Grant

Diversity and Inclusion:
Dick Ruemenapp reported that he is working to locate groups within our district who wish to implement tennis programs. This group is currently focusing on the black and Hispanic communities.

Wendy Reeve will send materials to Margaret Ruemenapp to update the district grievance notebook as well as insure that the chairperson’s notebook is updated and reviewed prior to the start of adult leagues.

 Marketing and Membership:

Adam Begley was not present on the call so Margaret Ruemenapp reported on his behalf. He is working on the 2009 Yearbook and is projecting that it will be completed before the summer season. Adam attended the Coaches clinic in Troy and the Northern Michigan Junior Indoor in Alpena. He set up a booth both places and participated in the Quickstart program at Thunder Bay. He is currently taking care of the Sutton’s Bay project from the NMTA’s perspective.

Ruth Smith is working in conjunction with Tara Archambault to create a website that includes the junior tournaments and other important information.

Ruth Smith held Officials training in Traverse City. Ruth and Wendy Reeve attended National training in Toledo March 5-7. Petoskey Officials training will be held April 3 5-7 and the Alpena date is Bryn Lynch was not present but in her report she plans to attend the February 5-7 national training course in Baltimore. Ruth Smith and Wendy Reeve plan to attend the national training course in Toledo, March 5-7. A training date still needs to be set up for our provisional league umpires.

Community Tennis Associations:
It was reported that Deb Schultz of Newberry had contacted us about starting a CTA. Claudia Vanlandschoot volunteered to contact Deb Schultz and talk about the procedure. Eric Bergsma, our Advocacy and Grants chair, will also be assisting. He is also coordinating with Kathryn Forslund and the Gogebic Iron Range CTA. It was reported that the Petoskey-Harbor Springs CTA has reformed . The officers of that CTA are Denny Green, President, Bob Hartwick, Vice President, Laura Chamberlin, Treasurer and Wendy Reeve, secretary.


Junior Committee:
Junior Team Tennis will be implemented by Vickie Lampel in Alpena. The Northern Michigan Junior Indoor had 30 tournament participants and 20 quick start entrants. We received 36 new USTA members from this event. The umpires in Alpena, Joanne Brousseau, Ann Diamond, Carl Bourdelais and Erv and Mary Lewandowski, all participated in the weekend. The tournament realized approximately $1200 for Alpena and $800 for NMTA

Old Business:

Ruth Smith reported that another successful Bob tournament was held. The scholarship winners this year were: Alec Kenny, Caitlin Ludlow, Abby Tresedder, Sean Paquet, Ashley Giordano and Harrison Malone. $1700 was raised in raffle tickets alone. Over $68,000 has been awarded in scholarships over the years.

One applicant, Vince Szymanski, has applied for the DLC position. It was decided to that we would advertise once again in the Petoskey News Review, Record Eagle, Alpena News and Mining Journal. Ruth Smith has publicized on the web site and in the email blast.

Evaluations have been returned regarding the Executive Director. They were largely positive and Margaret was lauded by Claudia Vanlandschoot and Ruth Smith for her hard work and expedient service.

The next board meeting will be by conference call on Monday, May 17 at 7:00 p.m.( please note that the call is now Sunday, May 16 at 7 p.m.
Ruth Smith moved to adjourn and Don Newport seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Our 2010 Motto:
Let us be selfless in our decision making. Let our decisions reflect our selflessness.