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NMTA Meeting minutes from November 19, 2003

NMTA Minutes

November 19, 2003
YMCA in Traverse City

Mission Statement:   To promote and develop the growth of tennis.

Vince Szymanski                                   
Cheryl Bebee
Denise Bickel
Faith Gavaldon                        
Mary Sivula
Ruth Smith                                          
Margaret Ruemenapp

The meeting was called to order at 6:24 p.m.

It was moved by Denise Bickel and seconded by Cheryl Bebee to approve the minutes of September 15, 2003 as presented. All in favor.

Mary Sivula was voted in by e-mail as second vice president.

Vince Szymanski received a $1000.00 grant toward the purchase of slats for the Traverse City West High School tennis courts. Disbursement of funds needs to be followed up by Ruth Smith.

Ruth Smith presented the fact that Roman Gruz be awarded $100 honorarium for his time and effort on the 501-C4 on behalf of NMTA.

Ruth Smith indicated she will follow up with the Multicultural Committee on the Native American programs instituted by Barb Mueller and taking place in Manistee and Harbor Springs as well as Peshawbestown.

Margaret  Ruemenapp was approved as the incoming Executive Director, motion made by Denise Bickel and seconded by Mary Sivula. Approval was also given for reimbursement in three payments for the paid positions of Executive Director and Adult League Director.

Ruth will present a budget for approval at the next meeting.Cheryl Bebee and Mary Sivula volunteered to be assistants to the Executive Director and /or Adult League Coordinator as well.

A discussion ensued regarding the use of vans and parent volunteers for Junior Wightman and Junior Davis Cup competitions, in order to ease the cost to the district.

Sue Gravedoni sent a report via Ruth Smith that the yearbook would cost $3,375.00 for 800 copies. It was mentioned that patron pages for each area boasting a Community Tennis Association would be helpful. It was also mentioned that each Team Tennis League captain could solicit support from the members of their teams. We all need to help Sue with this project. Mary Sivula has offered help in the Petoskey area.

The NTRP ratings are available on the web.

PBIF: 2003 goals and results, as published by Midwest , were then discussed. Cheryl Bebee gave a report on Team Tennis indicating that we had involved 605 young people at the Y, West Junior High, Traverse City West, Traverse City Central and Grand Traverse Resort. It was felt by Cheryl Bebee and her committee that it was a tremendous amount of work for the monetary gain and it was discussed that perhaps we would not continue with this program for 2004.

Setting our goals for 2004: It was decided that a 5% increase would be added to our 2003 results. We would scratch Team Tennis, add to the draws under Tournament Tennis, increase USA Team tennis to 410 from 390. We will leave the # of CTA’s at 5 and NJTL at 2. We will have 2 in service assemblies and 2 after school programs coordinating with Shelly Kindig-Bugg.

It was suggested we work on packets for CTA’s identifying our goals and communicating availability of programs, grants etc. In the discussion regarding Parks and Recreation Departments we thought about holding inservice training for potential instructors.

It was moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m. by Denise Bickel with Cheryl Bebee seconding the motion. All in favor.

The bimonthly meeting will be held January 14 at the Grand Traverse YMCA from 6-7:30 p.m.