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NMTA Meeting Minutes from September 30 2007

(Page last updated 12/05/07)

Northern Michigan District
Bimonthly Teleconference Meeting
Sunday, September 30, 2007
5:00 p.m.

minutes approved 11-18-07

The meeting was called to order at 5:04 p.m. In attendance: Margaret Ruemenapp, Bryn Lynch, Mary Sivula, Dick Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith, Pat Blewett, Rochelle Cotey, Marilynn Smith, Tom Van Deinse and Chris Michalowski joined us at 5:53 p.m.

Mary Sivula asked if there was any information that needed to be added to the agenda. Pat Blewett said she would like to recognize Rochelle Cotey and Claudia Landschoot for starting the tennis program at Munising High School.

Mary Sivula asked for approval of the May minutes. Ruth Smith pointed out that Peggy Bushy’s name needed to be added to the league phone call list. Rochelle Cotey made the motion to accept the corrected minutes, seconded by Bryn Lynch.

Margaret Ruemenapp sent out an email regarding Peggy Bushy’s resignation as District League Coordinator. She would like Peggy recognized at the Awards Luncheon and Annual Meeting in November. Peggy offered to write up a job description so that we have one or more people in place to attend the League Coordinator meeting in January in Indianapolis.

Treasurer’s Report: The finances are in order and we are very close to budget according to Dick Ruemenapp. There are no major expenses coming up with the exception of the awards banquet and annual meeting. Our CD rolled over in September and we’ll be posting $1000 more in interest. Tom van Deinse commented that we have nearly doubled our budget from a few years ago and pointed out that perhaps we could increase the grant money that we distribute since we are doing well. Dick Ruemenapp and Tom van Deinse mentioned that we should set up a standard to follow.

Committee Reports

Adults: No report

Adult League:  The tri-level league will  playoff the weekend of October 13-14. It was noted that we need to pick dates and locations and stick to them as published. A great deal of time was spent this year trying to accommodate many different schedules. Ruth Smith suggested that Margaret Ruemenapp communicate with the League committee to ask them to help search for a new League Coordinator.

Community Tennis Associations: Kathryn Forslund in Bessemer got her girls team going this year in Hurley, Wisconsin. Ruth Smith noted that a member of the Beaver Island Tennis Association contacted her and they met and played some tennis. It was noted that Beaver Island would really like a group of NMTA personnel to visit this summer and see the courts and meet the CTA officers. Rochelle Cotey asked about forming a CTA for Munising. Margaret Ruemenapp offered to walk her through the process. Mary Sivula mentioned to Marilynn Smith that she had sent the documents in for the legal changing of the status of Petoskey- Harbor Tennis Association.

Communications: “I have nothing to say” a direct quote from Ruth Smith

District endorsers: Tom van Deinse inquired as to dates for the Qualifier. We have sanctioned our NMTA Qualifier for the Midwest Closed for May 30-June 1, 2008. The tryouts are not sanctioned for Davis Cup and Wightman Cup so we do not have to worry about those dates at this time. Tom van Deinse wondered about dates for the Midwest Round Robin Davis and Wightman Cup competitions, but those are not yet available- the earliest would be November.

Grants: Since Tom van Deinse is planning on requesting a grant from NMTA with respect to the YMCA he therefore felt he had a conflict of interest in sitting on the grant committee at this time. Keith Bushy, Faith Gavaldon and Annie Murphy also sit on this committee. Mary Sivula offered to join the committee in the interim for Tom van Deinse Marilynn Smith agreed that Mary Sivula could fill in for Tom van Deinse despite her office of president. The grant committee agreed to the request from Noreen Broering. One half was sent to her for the Village of Fife Lake Parks and Recreation Program with the second half to be sent upon receipt of a report and pictures. We are putting Noreen Broering in touch with Sue Selke for ideas to run fund raising carnivals etc. to raise money so we can continue to fund new projects as well. The grant request for $1000 was approved for the Friends of TC Tennis. We are also awaiting Rochelle Cotey’s request for the Munising Tennis Association. This grant will go toward equipment. Rochelle Cotey and Claudia Landschoot are volunteer coaches but the students have to pay to they can participate in the high school league.

Junior Competitive Events: We fielded the youngest ever Davis Cup Team. Margaret Ruemenapp’s daughters, Tina Blackman and Jennifer Jensen-Colfer had a great time coaching Junior Wightman Cup. The Area Training Center will be set for March as an all night event, the evening after the all night basketball tournament.

Junior Team Tennis/Rally Ball district Championships: The district championships were held August 19 with a Petoskey team claiming the title. Both Petoskey and Traverse City teams will travel to Ferris State University on October 6 to compete against each other, Midland and Big Rapids in the first State Championships.

Diversity: No Report
Grievance: No report

Sanction and Schedule: All our tournaments so intended are now sanctioned. The Birchwood Senior Tournament is not sanctioned due to cancellation in the past two years. Bay Tennis and Fitness has sanctioned their Clay Court Tournament set for the fall The Northern Michigan Junior Indoor is being held at 4 different sites but is one tournament.

Nominating Committee: Marilynn Smith said we would be nominating officers and members of the Board of Directors during the Annual Meeting in November. At present, no one’s term is expiring. Margaret Ruemenapp mentioned that Jennifer Gerling and Vickie Lampel have been suggested as potential board members.

Yearbook: The yearbook came in $600 over budget with $140 in patron ads yet to be collected. We have a knotty problem regarding the girls’ high school team pictures. The yearbook goes to print March 1. We may look for more informal pictures. Dick Ruemenapp asked why the yearbook must go out at that time and the traditional reason was always to have the junior tournaments listed so members could make their spring and summer competitive plans. Marilynn Smith and Rochelle Cotey both offered to obtain pictures in their respective areas.

Awards: Terry Parks has the award recipients identified and invited to the Awards Luncheon at the Bay View Inn. This year we are also honoring Peggy Bushy our District League Coordinator for almost 10 years of League leadership. Bay Tennis and Fitness and Thunder Bay Recreation Center are being awarded for new facilities that wholeheartedly support the USTA programs we deliver. Tom van Deinse moved to approve purchase of the plaques and Ruth Smith seconded.

Officials: Bryn Lynch would like officials to get their cards to her in a timely manner.

Ranking: It was noted that Andy Caldwell may well not be interested in heading up this program for us due to the birth of Simon Lee in July. Ruth Smith and Chris Michalowski thought Brett Barrett (the new pro at the resort) might be interested in replacing Andy. Margaret Ruemenapp will check on this situation.

Other Old Business: Margaret Ruemenapp, Executive Director, reported working on many fronts at the same time. It should be a fruitful year for NMI. We have 1,043 members, the first time over 1000 members. Our retention could have been better with the loss of some Upper Peninsula members. Rochelle Cotey and Pat Blewett will look into that. We are still working on policy books and teleconference meetings with each committee. This is a very large project.

The Bob: Ruth Smith will start sending out applications for Bob scholarships. She would like the NMTA to host and head up The Bob totally. The original committee would like to see the tournament continue but under new leadership. NMTA will email as it gets closer to time- we need new members interested in the concept of this tournament to create a steering committee and form other committees. Chris Michalowski has offered to do the draw once again and the Resort will host the tournament and banquet.

Other Business: Alpena’s Thunder Bay Recreation Center has begun the learning series Ready, Set, Serve. Everyone is excited about this program.

Dick Ruemenapp motioned to adjourn the meeting at 6:44 p.m.; Ruth Smith seconded.