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NMTA Meeting Minutes from September 24 2006

These notes were approved at the 11-19-06 NMTA annual meeting.

NMTA Minutes
September 24, 2006
Valley view Room – Grand Traverse Resort

Meeting was called to order at 1:07 p.m.

In attendance:  Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula, Dick Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch, Doug Dickinson, Chris Michalowski, and Andy Caldwell.

Margaret Ruemenapp and Mary Sivula added to the agenda on Friday and additions were typed in red.  Ruth Smith added the Bob tournament to the new business; a tournament director is needed.

The May minutes were approved after a motion from Chris Michalowski that was seconded by Bryn Lynch.

Faith Gavaldon sent a treasurer’s report.  As of August 31, 2006, we had $19,856.50 in the checking account and she reinvested the CD at a higher interest rate (@5.31%).  Margaret Ruemenapp has checks for Faith Gavaldon, totaling approximately $2000.

Adults:  No report.

Adult League Coordinator:  Peggy Bushy submitted a report noting that we had 37 teams this past year which included 280 players.  Margaret Ruemenapp noted that there has been an increase in the senior league numbers.  We discussed the fact that the September 10, 2006 league meeting had gone well.  The consensus seemed to be that there was a lack of understanding of how the league works which led to complaints to the Midwest office rather than having us handle the situation locally from the start. 

Alpena is planning to add two more courts and they should be ready in February.  They would like to hold one of the adult league weekends there.  Mary Sivula will contact Keith Bushy concerning this.

Communications:  Ruth Smith said the upkeep of the website is a concern. She also needs to have members most recent e-mail addresses.  Ruth Smith is also working on obtaining pictures of high school teams in our district for the yearbook.  We are in the process of changing service providers.  Margaret Ruemenapp’s daughter Jennifer Jensen-Colfer is interested in updating the website for junior information. Chris Michalowski suggested that we get information from his website (www.grandtraversetennis.com) to include on the Tennis up North site.

CTA’s:  Fife Lake is excited about getting help from NMTA.  Chris Michalowski has talked to Sue Selke about getting ralley ball into the schools in that area.

Mary Sivula showed us pictures and read a letter from the “Marquette on the Move” group.  They had a work bee to renovate their local courts which have been renamed the “Mickey Johnson” tennis courts.  Ruth Smith would like to get the information and pictures for the yearbook.

Petoskey is re-naming its Community Tennis Association the “Petoskey-Harbor Springs Community Tennis Association” because its former name was too close to what the new club will be called. 

Endorsers:   no report.

Junior Competitive Events:  This was the first year for the Coed 14 and under Junior Wightman/Junior Davis Cup team.  Andy Caldwell and Jana Phillips went with the team to Ohio and they had good results.  The players won some matches and brought home the Sportsmanship award.  Mary Sivula presented this award to Andy Caldwell which can be seen part of the year at the Grand Traverse Resort and part of the year at Bay Fitness and Tennis. Ruth Smith mentioned that she was impressed that the group had a meeting before they went to Ohio and that they had set goals for themselves.

Chris Michalowski explained how ralley ball has so many juniors and parents involved and how it has generated lots of enthusiasm for tennis.  He spent 1.5 hours per week at each school he worked at.  Six hundred juniors participated in the city championships and Traverse City will be going to the State championships at Ferris State University on October 14.  Doug Dickinson mentioned that when Bay Area Fitness and Tennis opens he would like to get involved.  Margaret Ruemenapp presented Chris Michalowski with the Midwest Section Award for Junior Team Tennis Organizer.  The gift was a crystal engraved box from Tiffany’s.  Chris Michalowski has also been awarded the USPTA’s Community Service award and the USPTA Star Award.

Grants:  No report

Diversity:  Margaret Ruemenapp ran a diversity clinic with five children attending and two older juniors assisting.  The clinic went very well, but most importantly, she obtained a contact in the Native American community.  She thanked Kirk Ito for giving us the push to reach our goals.  We met 75% of the requirements and will receive $1125 from the diversity pool.  The DIF is changing again and these changes are being discussed in all districts as we speak.  Each district is asked for input, and it’s likely that the distribution of funds will be membership driven again.  DIF will probably have the following components:  1) marketing of memberships, 2) USTA leagues 3) junior team tennis and 4) Adult and junior tournaments .Margaret Ruemenapp thinks that our district is at the point of a tremendous growth surge.  It is probable that the survey will be eliminated.

Yearbook: Margaret Ruemenapp suggested that she would undertake the yearbook as part of her position if the NMTA would be willing to increase her salary from $3000 to $5000, payable on a monthly basis for ten months, starting in January 2007.  She said that she easily spends 20-21 hours per week in the Executive Director position.  Ruth Smith motioned to approve this idea and Bryn Lynch seconded it.  Motion passed with Marilynn Smith voting via e-mail. NMTA thanks Linda Clutter for her efforts with this project last year.

AWARDS:  Terry Parks reported that a few nominations have come in.  Mary Sivula gave Bryn Lynch a nomination and Bryn will contact Dave Reeves and Larry Nykerk to get additional ideas.

BY-LAWS:  Margaret Ruemenapp and Marilynn Smith reworked the by-laws and added a dissolution clause.  They are now comparable to those of other districts.  Dick Ruemenapp moved to accept the by-laws and Chris Michalowski seconded it.  Motion passed with Marilynn Smith voting via e-mail.


Dave Reeves suggested to Ruth Smith that NMTA might like to advertise on a West Junior High School banner.  It would run about $300.  We have already used $386 from our $500 advertising budget, but the money could come from the miscellaneous fund.  We need to ask Faith Gavaldon if the money is available. Ruth Smith moved to approve the idea and Dick Ruemenapp seconded it. Marilynn Smith voted on this issue by e-mail.

ANNUAL MEETING:   Our annual meeting and awards luncheon will be held November 19, 2006.  The board agreed to cover luncheon expenses for the honoree, one family member, and the presenter, the five board members and the three paid employees.  Doug Dickinson suggested that we ask a restaurant to donate the meal and the room and then everyone would be asked to donate the money they would have spent on the lunch to NMTA.  He would like to contact Chandler’s and Stafford’s in Petoskey.

New Business:

Recreation Coaches’ Workshop – held August 27, 2006 in Petoskey.  Eleven coaches attended and Sue Selke did an excellent job. 

Block Party – held in downtown Harbor Springs on July 4.  Ralley ball games and prizes were offered.

Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula, Ruth Smith and Sue Selke went to town meetings in Escanaba and Marquette- a real reconnection event.

Margaret Ruemenapp asked that the NMTA help contribute to repairs to the computer she uses extensively for her E.D. job.  Ruth moved that the NMTA pay 75% of the repair expenses, and Bryn seconded the motion. Again, Marilynn Smith voted by email.

We need to set up a policy of sending flowers/donations to individuals when that person loses a loved one (immediate family). An amount of $35.00 was set and was approved

(Marilynn Smith again voting by e-mail.) 

The annual meeting is in Indianapolis and Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch, Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula and Dick Ruemenapp will be attending.  All are welcome to come and see what it’s all about!

Ruth Smith gave us more information on the need for a tournament director for The Bob.  If NMTA did it we could get $500, but Margaret Ruemenapp suggested that we wouldn’t want to charge for doing it since it is a fundraiser for scholarships.  Mary Sivula, Margaret Ruemenapp and Ruth Smith will put together a job description flyer. 

Across the Court – the newsletter is ready to go out.

Dick Ruemenapp moved to adjourn the meeting.  Bryn Lynch seconded it.  Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.