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NMTA Meeting Minutes from September 19, 2004

NMTA Board Meeting, September, 19, 2004 / approved by the NMTA Board 11-07-04

Present: Margaret Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith, Faith Gavaldon, Bryn Lynch, Sue Gravedoni

Meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. Bryn motioned to accept the minutes from the May 27 meeting. Motion was seconded by Faith.

Old Business:

- We need to go through their homeowner’s insurance policies to bond Faith and Margaret.

- We need to write up job descriptions of the board and committee positions for the handbook and the by laws need to be re-done. Faith suggested that each person who currently holds the position write up the description. Margaret will follow up and ask the people to do so.

- Tom suggested that organizational members be able to vote since it’s in the by-laws. We also talked about having a committee liaison officer for each committee, and a dissolution clause in case that comes up. We currently have 24 organizational memberships.

- Grants: $1000 West Senior High School, $300 Larry Nykerk, $250 to Terry Parks ($163 returned – rest used for expenses). The contact for the multicultural committee is now Bridget, and Bob Dominick in Petoskey.


- Treasurer’s Report: $24,890.69 balance as of 8/31/04. The Adult league revenue was $24,941.92 and expenses were $19,053.95 (net of $5887.97). This is a good moneymaker for NMTA. Summer Splash: $2949.50, expenses $ 2634.78 (net $314.72). Faith will bring information on the Qualifier in November.
- Margaret gave Faith a check from Terry (see above) and one for membership. Margaret spent $979 on mini nets, etc. to help get some children’s programs going this summer.
- Copy of the non-profit organization is up to date. We bought membership for Baldwin schools, Pellston schools, and Sheridan Elementary in Petoskey; Manistee and Ludington bought their own.
- The 11-month CD is same as last report. Faith motioned to keep it there. Bryn seconded. Mary and Denise approved.
- Adults- Wendy Reeve – nothing to report.
- Peggy Bushy – Adult League went well. She is getting the league committee together and choosing dates for 2005. Photos of the teams who went to sectionals include Judson’s 3.0 women’s team and Royle’s 4.0 men’s team. Faith confirms that Sue knew she got some checks for yearbook – Faith never got a master list until later. Margaret asked if there is still money outstanding. Not that much.
- Communications: posted league results and tried to make link to regional/sectional web pages. Doesn’t know if it works or not. Tom gave us names for Davis Cup and Ruth got names for Wightman Cup. Margaret will write something general. Too bad more of our girls don’t get involved.
Articles, info, pictures, anything you have, let Ruth know. Get ready for yearbook and get pictures to Sue. Ruth and Margaret have been flooding the section with pictures and information!!! Ruth is not happy how the national web site hooks up to us. It’s difficult to find info. We looked at pictures from Barb Mueller’s multicultural program in Harbor Springs. We need to take over the organization of such if we want a bigger turn out. Barb has done four sites in northern Michigan.

- CTAs: Cherry Festival: Mick got Darren Wenger to bring the Tennis on Tour program here. Mick organized some of his students for a float, etc. Bryn, Cheryl Beebe and Ruth Smith helped Darren, as did students Callee Newhouse, Ryan White, Rene Bouillon, David Bearss run the children’s program at F & M Park. Barb Mueller has helped give good exposure to the multicultural communities. Peshawbetown, LittleTraverse Bay Band, Ojibwa/Chippewa…Mick interested in getting involved too. West Branch is unfinished business (see how they used their grant), and Fife Lake we just need to stay in contact with them. Ruth would like us to find another chair for this committee.
- District Endorsers: Tom Van Deinse. Should be the same person who runs the qualifier. Wightman Cup and Junior Davis Cup: problem is lack of communication because we would like to get more kids involved. It should be in the December/January newsletter when the rankings go out. Sue Gravedoni will work on this.
- Paul Leech’s information: he fulfilled grant information. Faith will get it to Tom.
- Juniors: nothing to report
- Multicultural: nothing to report.
- Officials: As long as the Adult league coordinator approves the adult league budget the head umpire is responsible for getting the hours to Faith so that the umpires can be paid in a timely fashion. Mark Risk didn’t want to be paid this year. Wendy Reeve, Bryn and Ruth went to Chicago for the training last February and we have asked Paul and Mark if they would like to go this coming year.
- Ranking: we would like to computerize this. Mick added 12s and 14s to the tourney in Dec. Any juniors in our district can play; otherwise it might get too big.
- Grievance committee: nothing to report
- Sanctions and Scheduling: October 1 is the deadline. Same ID # as last year except for the last numbers. Northern Michigan Indoor in Harbor Springs and Traverse City (maybe in Jan.) We would like to make it a premier tournament for 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s.
- Yearbook: We probably have lost money on the yearbook – need to sell more ads. Faith will e-mail Sue with this information. We could contact the businesses owned by tennis parents to sell more ads and work on getting ones from the Upper Peninsula and the Alpena area. We also need to change the entry blanks for tournaments since many registrations are now on-line. This will save some pages.
- Old Business: Community Development Tennis workshops – Mary would like to attend and so would Ruth. Denise is no longer President. She is happy to be replaced by Mary Sivula who has accepted the position. Mary has written a report about what she would like to do if she were president. Perhaps Denise could help Sue with the yearbook? Brook Smith of Torch Lake would be a good person to get involved in NMTA. The Annual Meeting of the Midwest is the first weekend in December in Columbus, Ohio. How many are able to go? Executive Director, President, Peggy, Bryn.
- NEW BUSNIESS: Election of officers. If you’re interested, you’ve got the job!!! Do we need to set up a nominating committee? Ruth has tried before but it’s difficult. The committee would need to go into action in January for positions for the following autumn. We mentioned that Terry Parks, Lisa Seymour and Brook Smith might all be interested in committee participation.
- As the Board stands now:
- Denise Bickel 2nd year, 1st term President (stepped down)
- Tom Van Deinse 2nd year, 1st term First Vice President
- Mary Sivula 2nd year, 1st term Second V.P.
- Cheryl Beebe 2nd year, 1st term Third V.P.
- Bryn Lynch 2nd year, 1st term Secretary
Faith Gavaldon 1st year, 1st term Treasurer & Budget and Finance Comm.
Ruth Smith Community Development
Margaret Ruemenapp Sanction and Schedules Comm.

Ruth would like to do the communications committee if that is okay with Cheryl. The President appoints committee chairs.

New District Incentive Funding (DIF) module will negatively affect our district since we will lose approximately $3000. It is based on league and team tennis participation and the percentage of the state’s tennis-participating population. With Multicultural participation we have to fulfill 2 out of 3 objectives, such as having a Native American on the committee and performing clinics (which we have done). Our strategic plan is due December 1, 2004. Margaret will work on it in November so we’re right on track.

At 8:20 p.m. Bryn motioned to adjourn the meeting and Faith seconded it. Mary and Denise voted too.