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NMTA Meeting Minutes from September 11, 2005

NMTA Minutes September 11, 2005
these are tentative minutes until approved at the 11-20-05 meeting

Mission Statement: To promote and develop the growth of tennis.

Meeting held at the YMCA in Traverse City, MI
Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula, Wendy Reeve, Linda Richter-Clutter, Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch, Tom VanDeinse.

Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.

 Linda Richter-Clutter is our new yearbook chairperson. 

 We went over the May minutes and made corrections.  A motion was made by Tom Van Deinse to accept the minutes and was seconded by Bryn Lynch.  Approved by all.

Treasurer’s Report:  In the checking account we had $23,758.37 as of the end of July, but many bills have been paid since then.  Tom vanDeinse motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report.  Bryn Lynch seconded the motion.

Adults:  Won zoning appeal against township to get the right to put the bubble back up in Petoskey.  Fred Ball is selling bubble for $100,000 to F.I.T. (Family Indoor Tennis) and they are getting a loan from an individual to be able to finance the purchase. Wendy read us the rough draft of the letter which will be sent out to former members so they understand what is going on with the indoor court situation in the Petoskey/Harbor Springs area.  Bay Area Community Tennis Association (Mary Sivula is working on this) is applying for a $100,000 grant to be able to pay off the private benefactor.  They need to earn the same over the next three years in order to break even.  They are uncertain of the future of the Recreation Center.  They have looked at other locations but nothing seems viable.  The bubble will go up in 3-4 weeks and they might possibly offer courts 3 and 4 to Boyne as an indoor driving range.   Mary Sivula added that Wendy Reeve and Brian Phillips have been working very hard on getting the situation worked out.

Adult League:  The 4.5 Men’s team went to Sectionals.  No other news.

Communications:  Margaret Ruemenapp published a newsletter that was mailed out in late August. Ruth Smith reports that we are now being charged for the Tennis Up North set up.  Mary Nykerk is planning to look into other options.  We are considering purchasing the software called Dream Weaver and it would be a one-time expense of several hundred dollars.  Dream Weaver is supposedly a better, user friendlier product.  The newsletter cost $382.85.   It cost $187 for printing and $175 for Art Time (a one-time expense to set up the format).  We discussed sending one out in August and January. The yearbook is published in June.  Bryn Lynch suggested that we print the January letter, asking for e-mail addresses and perhaps the August issue could be e-mail/mailed out. Since this was a non-budgeted idea, Tom van Deinse suggested that we save the decision for the budget meeting. 

Community Tennis Associations:  Bay Area Community Tennis Association takes the place of the Petoskey Community Courts.  Mary Sivula is the President, Denny Green is Vice President, Linda Clutter is secretary, Marilyn Smith treasurer, and Laura Chamberlin and Wendy Reeve are directors. All have worked very hard this summer letting the community know that tennis is alive and well.  Had a fundraiser July 4 at the courts in Harbor Springs.  They also ran an August 1 fundraiser with pro exhibition match and silent auction.  80-100 people turned out and they made approximately $5000.  They will do this again and will possibly do one in the winter too.  Beaver Island is working on a CTA and would like to tap into USTA resources to help.  Gaylord is interested, too.  They are in the planning stages of 4 indoor courts at the Sports Complex.

District Endorsers:  Nothing to report.  The new procedure is that all registration forms for the Midwest Closed are given out to everyone in the tournament so there are no communication misunderstandings.

Grants:  Accepted:  Friends of T.C. Tennis ($1000), Chris Michalowski’s rallyball program (400), Marquette Tennis Assn. ($500), Harbor Springs ($500).  Total was $2400.  Declined several requests, too.  Only have $600 if we stay within budget for the rest of the year.  Allison Arnold from Traverse City Area Public Schools also contacted the committee so as to learn what she must do to reapply on behalf of TCAPS.Tom van Deinse offered to speak to her and explain that the grant monies awarded to Friends of Tennis is for Traverse City East school projects.

Juniors: Qualifier up in numbers and this caused us to be about $400 more than budgeted.  Wightman Cup was over budget by $100 and Jr. Davis Cup was over by $93.  Davis Cup was over in the number of players.  Kids had to pay something to eat with all the other teams.  Had more players across the board.  Tom van Deinse suggests that we should possibly up the entry fee for the Qualifier so umpires could be used.  June 8-10, 2006 for the Qualifier (would be the first choice), but need to check Jr. Davis Cup, Wightman Cup and Midwest Closed dates and when information needs to be sent in to Midwest.

Multicultural Participation:  Kirk Ito is the new Midwest chair and he has a softer approach than before.  He prefers “diversity” to the “multicultural” label.  We are still looking for a team of people to make contacts in the Native American population.  Ruth Smith suggested that perhaps Andy and Josie Caldwell would be interested in taking this on over the next few months.  Mary Sivula said that if the bubble goes up she is willing to do something.

Officials:  Sent out an e-mail asking that the data cards be sent to Bryn Lynch.  Mike Mehas didn’t think he had been paid.  A check was sent out.  Mary Sivula will check with him to make sure he got it.

Grievance:  There were no grievances.

Sanction and Schedule:  Everything needs to be done by Oct. 1.  Not sure about the conflict with Lloyd Cook but it seems to be working itself out.  Ed Watson would like to hold a tournament in September.

Yearbook:  Linda Richter-Clutter has nothing to report.  Tom vanDeinse says that the YMCA will do an ad again.  Margaret Ruemenapp explained that we would really like the yearbook to be self-sufficient.  Mary Sivula will give Linda Richter-Clutter  some contact people for other cities.  Total expenditure for yearbook is approximately $5200.  Tom vanDeinse suggests that this is another area that we should consider going toward e-mail.  If you have an event take pictures and send them to Linda Richter-Clutter with a small article or with the facts.  Margaret Ruemenapp suggests that Linda Richter-Clutter contact Denise Bickel since she seemed interested in helping out in some way.

Awards:  Midwest deadline is September 30.  Margaret Ruemenapp would like everyone present to nominate someone from the district for our local annual meeting to be held in November.

Old Business:  Team Tennis:  Chris Michalowski has been doing a great job.  The person from the T.C. Recreation Center wanted to know how to get everyone registered.  Margaret will do it for the first time so she understands how it works.  John Kolnar is the new membership person for the Midwest.  He has come up with a form letter to send out to all new members in our district.  They are doing what we used to do. 

District Executive Director’s Report:  Margaret Ruemenapp says that when you put it all on one page it doesn’t look like much, but she’s been very busy and Ruth Smith has been a tremendous help. She is going to the national training in November. 

New Business:  Margaret Ruemenapp says that the USTA has voluntarily given the Midwest Section a LOT of money (close to $25,000,000) and “tennis service representatives” is the new level of bureaucracy that has been created.  Not sure if it is a full time position or not.  Definitely would be easier if it were someone from the District so that they are familiar with what has been going on.  We are not sure where this person is coming from, if we get to have any input in the hiring process, etc.  Cardio Tennis is going gangbusters everywhere. Margaret Ruemenapp says there is lots of information on it. Tom vanDeinse asked Margaret Ruemenapp to find out if there are ground rules for district exemptions, etc.  DIF funds amounted to $1841.56.  This is down from approximately $5000.  Membership is pretty static in our district.  We are down 24% in adult league membership from 2004.  Mary Sivula pointed out that usually it is the same people who play several different divisions.  Tennis on Tour was here for Cherry Festival again.  Midwest Annual meeting is the first weekend in December.  Margaret Ruemenapp would like to encourage new people to attend.  Nominating committee:  we need to have one.  Annual Meeting:  Margaret Ruemenapp would like to see people from all the different areas in our district get involved.  November 20, 2005.  Mary Sivula will look into an arrangement with Boyne Highlands. We will offer to pay for honorees and their family members would pay for themselves.  20-25 people would be a beginning.  Margaret Ruemenapp would like us to think about it.  Wendy Reeve suggests that we could combine it with “The Bob” but Mary Sivula and Margaret Ruemenapp would like to keep it separate.  Tom vanDeinse says that the Y faced these same problems several years ago.  Each volunteer got one free ticket and the rest of the family and friends had to purchase their tickets.  The awardees didn’t know that they were being honored, but it was strongly suggested to them that they come!!  We might possibly find sponsors. 

Bryn Lynch moved to adjourn the meeting. Tom van Deinse seconded it.  Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.