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NMTA Meeting Minutes from May 4, 2005

Northern Michigan Tennis Association                 Approved September 11, 2005
May 4, 2005
YMCA Traverse City

In attendance:  Faith Gavaldon, Margaret Ruemenapp, Terry Parks, Bryn Lynch,
Tom Van Deinse, Larry Nykerk, Chris Michalowski, Keith Bushy.

Meeting was called to order at 7:21 p.m. by Margaret.

Terri motioned to accept the minutes as read.  Seconded by Faith.

Treasurer's Report:  $17,466.06 balance.  11-month CD matured put 
$32,998.17 into 9 month CD at 3.44% interest at Fifth Third Bank.

Terri motioned to accept treasurer's report. Tom seconded.

Adult League:  It was reported by Margaret that Peggy says League is going

People like the bracelets that say "tennis for life".   We ordered 1,000.
Larry wants 100, Tom wants 100.  They were handed out at a League weekend,

Communications:  Petoskey Community Courts is dissolving.  Will become Bay
Area Community Tennis Association.  No new activity at the Tennis Up North
Web site.  USTA/Midwest will use a points per round ranking system in 2006. 
Will be explained on the web site.

CTAs:  No news, except for the fact that Marquette is not happy.  Went over
our heads to the Midwest Section and asked to secede.  We will try even
harder to involve them even more.  Will get together to dialogue before the
Qualifiers.  Also have a new contact in Munising who has requested rackets
to take to her schols program.  Mick has some for his school programs.

District Endorsers:  Tom has no report.  Looking for information.  Whoever
gets it please pass it on to Tom.  Starting to get some registrations in for
the Qualifiers.  It's always a difficult weekend - really boxes us in.  Mick
suggests holding a tryout at Christmas holidays, that way making room for a
few practices before the dates.

Grants:  Just got the grants in.  Mick submitted two separate ones, Larry
has one in as does Dave Reeves, Harbor Springs, and Marquette.  Committe
will get together and will be granted in June.  If approved we will vote via
e-mail, and then Faith will send out the checks.  Larry and Dave for courts,
the rest are asking for programs.  $3000 general grants.  Mick is taking
over rally ball and USA Team tennis.  90 kids did this last summer.  About
60 of them could play pretty well.  Would like to have every school have one
team of six.  Wants to run programs so the kids can practice, too.  The loss
is covered by the Midwest grant and Mick is also absorbing a lot of it. 
There are t-shirts available, etc.  Mick will think about being the District
Coordinator if all goes well this year.  Larry is asking for a grant to help
build the storage and shelter area building at East Junior High.  The
Friends of T.C. Tennis has the interest in improving courts all around the

Juniors:  Davis Cup is a day earlier this year, June 17.  Tom is coaching
Davis Cup.  Josie Caldwell has agreed to do Wightman.

Multicultural Participation:  wanted to get someone to meeting because
otherwise would be losing district funding.  Fortunately it will still be
awarded this year.

Officials:  Bryn reported that Linda Gillam, Mike Mehas and Gary Plum are
new officials.  They have all been on the courts some.  Mike So who plays
for Alpena also roved, as have Paul Shultz, Bryn Lynch, Ruth Smith, Terry
Stull and Jim Goodman.  Question was raised about umpire payment.  Bryn
motions to have first year umpires undergo 5 hours of unpaid, on court
training.  As of the second year this will not be a prerequisite.   Payment
will stay the same.   Gas mileage will be reimbursed for approved duties. 
Retroactive to April 1, 2005.  Bryn made the motion.  Terry seconded it. 
All in favor.  None against.

Grievance:  None reported.

Sanction and Schedule:  Nothing to report.

Yearbook:  Looks great.  Linda Clutter, out of Petoskey is going to take it

Awards Committee:  Terry was given this new committee.  We are responsible
for the month of August for the section.  Bryn offered to help her with this
committee.  Family of the year, grassroots award, someone really involved in
junior tennis, etc.  Send nomination applications to the different

Old Business:  Tennis Channel:  Wendy not here to give a report.

President's Report:  More combination of resources to promote tennis.  25th
League Anniversary party will be held at Boyne Tennis Center the last
weekend in July.

Kathy Easter is Peggy's assistant and is loving it.

Tom moved to adjourn.  Bryn seconded it.  Meeting ended at 8:57 p.m.