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NMTA Meeting Minutes from May 27, 2004

NMTA Board Meeting, May 27, 2004  /  approved by the board 09-19,2004.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Grand Traverse YMCA. Those present were: Tom Van Deinse, Margaret Ruemenapp, Wendy Reeve, Denise Bickel, Mary Sivula, and Faith Gavaldon.

Tom Van Deinse moved to approve the minutes of the last board meeting and Mary Sivula seconded. The minutes were approved by the board.

Treasurer’s Report: Our bank balance as of April 30, 2004 is $11,701.18 which doesn’t reflect very accurately as there have been large deposits in the month of May. The balance is about $29,000 now. The money market account has been closed and an 11 month CD purchased in the amount of $32,552,24 @1.49%. Tom moved to approve the report and Mary seconded.

Committee Reports:
Adults-Wendy Reeve- no report

Adult Leagues- Peggy Bushy (report given by Wendy Reeve for Peggy Bushy)
Leagues have been completed except for senior and mixed teams. Peggy wants all captains and teams to be better instructed on rules – being there on time and ready to start etc. Having umpires on court for tiebreakers worked well. We need more umpires due to multiple sites. We discussed some prospects. It is difficult to fit the matches into one weekend. Denise Bickel asked if we could start leagues earlier but the Upper Peninsula teams, with no indoor courts, need more time to get ready. We need to explore options to handle the large number of teams and allow for growth i.e. more teams. Peggy Bushy will be out of town on June 26-27 for mixed league; Denise Bickel will run it. We discussed college and post college young people and their involvement in league tennis.

Communications-Ruth Smith-no report

Community Tennis Associations – Ruth Smith, Margaret Ruemenapp-no report

District Endorsers – Tom van Deinse
In the course of the meeting Tom located the packet for District endorsers sent to him. All details for Qualifier and Davis Cup, Wightman Cup are under control.

Grants etc. - Tom van Deinse (Margaret Ruemenapp) As of this fall grant deadlines will be observed. Several grant applications were turned down this summer due to lateness and people involved were asked to reapply for the fall. Applications were being considered for Dave Reeves at Traverse City West High School and Multicultural Programs under Terry Parks. Denise suggested that we have money in the budget for Multicultural and Friends of Tennis request for a banner to help fund Central’s new headquarters can come out of advertising. We are purchasing a large number of racquets for our schools programs. Other materials have also been requested.

Juniors: Tom van Deinse
As of this meeting Tom had 16 boys applying for Davis Cup tryouts and 9 girls, down from 20 and 13 from the year before. Transportation and coaches and living expenses are all worked out.

Multicultural Participation – Terry Parks
The Native American Clinic in Manistee is set for June 18 and 19. Monies have been made available and racquets have been ordered for that purpose.

Officials – Bryn Lynch (report given by Margaret Ruemenapp from Bryn)
We most certainly need more umpires. Denise thought the umpires were paid $7 per hour. Bryn is collecting hours worked from the umpires.

Ranking-Sue Gravedoni –no report

Grievance-Wendy Reeve
There were no grievances filed from leagues

Sanction and Schedule – Margaret Ruemenapp
The TDM bugs are being worked out. Packets were sent out for sanctioned tournaments per USTA requirements. The deadline is in September for submitting tournaments to the USTA

Yearbook-Sue Gravedoni
Sue was not present to give a report but Margaret said the yearbook looked great. Margaret suggested that Board members take pictures at NMTA events and do a write up for Sue. Some people have yet to pay their patron page pledges. We discussed who would take responsibility for that and Mary agreed to clear up the patrons and Sue to clear up the advertisers.

Old Business- Margaret Ruemenapp
Margaret and Mary approached several schools about summer programs with positive responses. They have three new organizational memberships from this and will be talking to more schools.

New Business:
Marilynn Smith has reworked our Constitution and Bylaws and the following has come from that: we need to designate an annual meeting as such. All board members should have a copy of the bylaws and articles of incorporation. It was decided that our November meeting be designated as such and held before the annual meeting of the Midwest Tennis Association.

The Treasurer and Executive Director should be bonded. Denise will send info to Margaret on the name of a company who can do this for us.
Peggy Bushy and Margaret Ruemenapp, as the only two paid persons should be evaluated and recontracted with, as Tom van Deinse states, because they are not employees. Margaret wondered about a Policy manual since no one seems to have one. Tom felt that policy determinations be decided during budget determinations. Margaret said that Marilynn felt we should have a Board of Directors that could also vote along with the 6 board members. Tom suggested any organizational member that belongs to the NMTA should be able to vote. Marilyn said we need an officer as liaison to every committee. She also stated that we need a dissolution clause in the bylaws.

Margaret proposed September 15 as the next meeting date in Petoskey. Denise suggested a conference call might be workable. If we held the meeting on Sunday, September 19 we could play tennis and have the meeting in Petoskey.

A motion was made by Tom van Deinse and seconded by Mary Sivula to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
Margaret Ruemenapp
Executive Director