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NMTA Meeting Minutes from May 18, 2007

(Page last updated 11/12/07)

NMTA Bi-Monthly Meeting

Friday, May 18, 2007, 1:00 p.m.          

Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, Michigan

These minutes will be presented for approval at the September 2007 Bi-Monthly Meeting



Present:  Executive Director: Margaret Ruemenapp ; Board members: Dick Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula, Wendy Reeve,  Ann Onello,  Ruth Smith, Peggy Bushy and guests Pat Blewett and Rochelle Cotey.     

The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m. by Mary Sivula.

Dick Ruemenapp made a motion to approve the March 14 minutes and Ann Onello seconded the motion with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Ruemenapp presented the latest financial reports, ending April 30, 2007. The Board discussed the reports and agreed that we were on target with income and expenses. The report was filed for audit.

Committee Reports:

Adults:  Wendy Reeve suggested that we consider Tri-Level Leagues for men and women in the fall. We have received a grant from the Midwest Section to start this type of program. The Tri-Level League is a recreational league with three doubles positions per match played at three different NTRP levels so friends can play together on one team while also competing within their level. This type of league would be a non-progressive program which means there are no district, state, or sectional championships at the conclusion of the local league season. Wendy Reeve also suggested considering combo leagues for this as well. After some discussion it was decided that Peggy Bushy, Margaret Ruemenapp, Wendy Reeve, Ruth Smith, Kathi Houda and Mary Sivula would decide this issue via a teleconference set for either June 4,5, or 6th.

Adult League Coordinator: Margaret Ruemenapp noted that Peggy Bushy was recognized for retention of team players. Congratulations to her for all her efforts. Margaret Ruemenapp mentioned that Diane Gillespie had sent her an email proposing that half of all team members be rated at the level they are playing. It was noted that this issue has been brought to the District before and is always tossed out. Margaret Ruemenapp said she would address this issue at the League Committee meeting in September and try and get an answer from the Midwest Association.

This is the last weekend for the adult women 4.0 group. The registration deadline for the two senior mens’ 4.0 teams is June 23 and play begins July 1.

Community Tennis Associations: Alpena’s grand opening was a huge success and received a lot of positive press. Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that she and Dick Ruemenapp would be traveling to Bessemer, Iron Mountain and Hannahville to discuss making tennis happen. Wendy Reeve made a motion to have the Board members reimbursed for their gas and hotel accommodations. Ruth Smith and Sue Selke may join this trip as well. Ann Onello seconded the motion. Margaret Ruemenapp mentioned that Gaylord is looking into adding three courts to their indoor exercise facility and that Ludington has done a feasibility  study on an indoor court. She also indicated that the Midwest Section has targeted Alpena, Marquette and Ludington to assist in developing their tennis programs.

Communications: Ruth Smith reported that the tennis website tabs have been changed to make it more efficient to utilize this site. Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that the Midwest Section has indicated that they will send out email blasts for us when requested. She indicated that this might be a good way to communicate information concerning the tri level and combo leagues.

Margaret Ruemenapp reported that Ed Watson requested that we help publicize the Senior Open at Birchwood, which is scheduled for the weekend after Labor Day. It is open to both men and women.

District Endorsers and Grants: Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that the District will allow two juniors in each age division to go to the Midwest Closed. She also noted that a grant was approved for the Village of Fife Lake.  Margaret Ruemenapp reiterated that applications for grants end May 1 for June 1 distribution.

Junior Competitive Events: Margaret Ruemenapp noted that Jennifer Jensen and Tina Blackman are coaching the Jr Wightman Cup team this year and the Junior Davis Cup team is being coached by Tom van Deinse. The coaches for the 14 and under event are not totally committed yet. The Area Training Center will be held in conjunction with tryouts per last year.

Junior Team Tennis: Chris Michalowski will hold the Rally Ball District Championships in Petoskey this year.Mick has now introduced Rally ball to every elementary school in the Traverse City area. The board applauds his efforts.

Diversity:  Dick Ruemenapp noted that he had recently attended the Midwest meeting in Indianapolis and discussed the diversity issues in our District. The feeling is that Northern Michigan needs to attract a more diverse group of tennis players. The board discussed this issue and will continue to look for avenues to address this issue.

Grievance: No report

Sanction and Schedule: Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that the Northern Michigan Junior Indoor is scheduled for March 17. Rally ‘Round the Bay is to be held in Petoskey on August 3-4. This tournament is for BG 10-12.

Nominating Committee:        No report

Yearbook: Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that we spent $5900 on the yearbook this year, down from $7000 last year. We took in $2500 from ads, which helped defray the cost even further. The Board applauded Margaret for all her efforts on the yearbook.

Awards: Terry Parks sent a letter requesting nominations for the following awards which will be presented at the annual NMTA meeting this November: Junior Female Sportsmanship: Junior Male Sportsmanship, Volunteer of the Year Award,Phyllis Laurila Award and the Family of the Year Award. Nominations are to be sent to Terry Parks 7319 Bair Ave, Bear Lake, MI 49614. She asked that this information be included in the summer newsletter and on the website.

Officials: Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that there are not enough officials in our District. Petoskey has only one. She asked the Board to encourage fellow tennis players to consider the job. She also noted the Bay Tennis and Fitness Club went out of their way to accommodate the USTA tournaments that were held at their facility. We formally thank them for all their efforts.

Ranking: Margaret Ruemenapp noted that 56 Northern Michigan Juniors are ranked and that 17 of them have a Midwest ranking.

Old Business: Northern Michigan District has been funded in various ways by the Midwest. With this latest district incentive funding plan ,with growth as the only factor, we stand to lose at least $3000 in 2008.

New Business: Vicki Lampel sent a report to the Board which documented her attempts so far to get a trial run of Rally Ball started. Sue Selke is going to hold a Recreational Coaches’ Workshop in Alpena. Vicki’s goal is to have teams entering the District Championships in August. Vicki is bringing up 3 pros from Saginaw this year to work the 4th Annual Summer Camps. These are for both adults and juniors. She is also looking into cardio tennis this year. Vicki again met with the Athletic Director of Alpena Community College and he is excited about the prospect of tennis on Campus in the Fall. He will be including information about the club in all of the registration packets that go out to prospective students. Vicki is also working on setting up a website for ATA and Ed’s programs. Her goal is to have it up and running by August. It was decided that discussion of “The Bob” Tournament would be tabled until the next meeting in September, time and date to be determined. Ann Onello made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Dick seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Ann Onello, Secretary