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NMTA Meeting Minutes from March 7, 2004

NMTA Board Meeting, March 7, 2004

Meeting called to order at 1:30.  Those present:  Margaret Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith, Denise Bickel, Faith Gavaldon, Wendy Reeve, Bryn Lynch, Mary Sivula, Terri Parks.

Treasurer’s Report:  As of 2/29/04 we have 12,505.87 in checking.  Faith has been looking into CDs in which to invest some of the Money Market account.  Fifth-Third Bank seems to have the best rate:  11 months at 1.5% interest with no penalty for withdrawing early. Denise motioned to put all the money market money in a CD; Bryn seconded the motion.   Faith has the QuikBooks program up and running.  Margaret will put Dick Ruemenapp in touch with Faith to help her with some of the questions. She will also talk to Dick about the CD.

Faith also aasked about indemnification insurance as mentioined by Tom Van Deinse.  We are covered through the Midwest Section, but we still need something definite, in writing.  Margaret will find out at the Executive Directors meeting.  We need to make sure that the Jr. Wightman Cup and Jr. Davis Cup are covered.  Denise said that transporting these young people reverts back to the individual’s insurance.

Copies of Ruth and Peggy's 1099s for last year need to go into the state of MI.  Margaret will find out from Dick if a specific form is needed to send in to the State.

As of now Faith is only on one account.  Denise and Margaret also need to be on the accounts.  They would each like a copy of the ledger statements and the bank statements.

Peggy bought a laptop and should get $400 in rebates.  She will be able to use the laptop for league. 

Margaret said that checks for the PBIF came in:  $3968.74  Disbursements:  $452.65
Credit Card (quarterly):  $58.46  Margaret complimented Faith on the excellent job she has done.  Denise is concerned about the funding we will be losing through the PBIF this coming year.  It’s a done deal;  nothing can be done about how the “pie” is divided.


1. Adults – no report
2. Adult League – no report

3. Community tennis – Cheryl Beebe (community coordinator)  Tennis UpNorth  is linked to NMTA website but not vice versa – Mary Nykerk is helping Ruth with this.  We would also like to get tourney applications in PDF format, too. They are in PDF format on Tennis Up North but not on the official USTA site.

4. CTAs – trip to Las Vegas (Ruth and Margaret).  Good meeting; enthusiastic individuals, good ideas, inspiring.  It is in Florida next year and is so worthwhile Margaret and Ruth would like others to consider attending. 

5. Tom VanDeinse – putting on the training center this weekend.  Hopefully he will agree to be the endorser for the region.  Has gotten the entry blanks ready for the  Jr. Wightman Cup and Jr. Davis Cup

6. Grants – April 15 deadline with Midwest for start-up and junior programs.

7. Multicultural - Terri  talked about the multicultural clinics which were held by Barb Mueler of Wisconsin.  Manistee had a low turnout, Pshawbetown and Harbor Springs had good turnouts.  Barb will be returning to Pshawbetown and Harbor Springs within the next year.  Terri and Harold will probably do something in Manistee if Barb doesn’t go back there, but would need a little money to do so.  Mary Sivula suggested running a similar program in East Jordan.  We have $625 available for rackets.  Should the rackets be given away or kept in storage?  Bridget Cole, a Native American from Manistee, has agreed to be on the multicultural committee.

8. Officials -Ruth and Bryn went to Chicago with Wendy Reeve to get umpire training.  The local training will be March 21.

9. Adult League – we spoke about running part of the league at the courts at Boyne Highlands.  Mary Sivula could help with the desk May 5-7 and will ask Sue Ross if she could cover April 23-25.  Marilyn Smith might also be able to help.

10. Ranking – needs to be brought in line with the Midwest.  Needs to be done numerically.

11. Grievance committee Wendy Reeve –- there haven’t been any since league hasn’t started.  We would like to have the spectator rules laminated.

12.All tournament through April 2005 have been sanctioned. Margaret will be working with Ruth in the fall to sanction the May 2005 through April 2006 tournaments.

13. Yearbook – Sue Gravedoni is working hard on it.  Do we have anything from Manistee?  Ruth is researching the legality of putting minors’ pictures on the website.

14. Schools program- 16 people – very successful.  Shelly is to get back to the schools that are trying to set up a program.  Now these 16 people are prepared to go to these schools.

15. Alternative Education Program – Annie Murphy and Ruth have started working with a group from TCHS at the Resort.  Continuity will be difficult as the students are rewarded on a week-to-week basis. 

16.The 2005 Parks and Recreation conference is to be held in Traverse City in February.  John Catton can’t attend so we need to come up with some volunteers to man a booth.  It’s an important event for tennis services staff.  Margaret, Bryn, and Denise all said they could help.

17. Miscellaneous – Marilyn Smith is revising the by-laws so they are in line with those of the Midwest Section.  Mary Sivula has collected $500 for the yearbook..  For Senior League there will be a ladies team and a men’s team.  Lynell Singer is putting together a team, and Ruth would like to organize a 4.0 team.

Meeting adjourned at 3:11.  May 19, 2004 next meeting in Traverse City at 6 p.m. at th YMCA.