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NMTA Meeting Minutes from March 09, 2005

 NMTA Meeting Minutes March 9, 2005 / Approved at 05-04-05 meeting.

President Mary Sivula brought the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. at the Grand Traverse Bay Area YMCA in Traverse City.

Members present were Mary Sivula, Margaret Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith, Sue Gravedoni, Terry Parks, Faith Gavaldon, Wendy Reeve, Tom Van Deinse and Chris Michalowski. Terry Parks acted as recording secretary in the absence of Bryn Lynch. Flyers were handed out by Tom Van Deinse for the Midwest Qualifier tournament and the Junior Davis Cup and Junior Wightman Cup round robins. Margaret Ruemenapp gave all of the board members copies of job descriptions for the various board and committee positions    and an NMTA binder containing information pertinent to the running of the organization.

Faith gave the Treasurer’s report showing a balance of $18,063.19. We have a CD, which has earned $445.93 in interest @1.49% but will be maturing. Faith Gavaldon will look into options for reinvesting the funds at a better rate. A motion was made by Mary Sivula and seconded by Terry Parks to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented. Faith Gavaldon also reported that she and Margaret Ruemenapp had shared the responsibility of manning a booth at the MRPA trade show at the Grand Traverse Resort.

Committee Reports

Adult Tennis
Wendy Reeve and Ruth Smith discussed possibly taking an inventory of Tennis Professionals in Northern Michigan. Wendy Reeve will draft a letter to send to them, to see if they could encourage more adult league programs.  Wendy will also ask if the professional wants to be listed on the NMTA web site and if yes what contact information they want to have listed. Wendy Reeve will also try to determine how many courts are available in our district and the conditions of the courts. Our Northern Michigan survey will be located to aid Wendy Reeve,

Adult Leagues
Peggy Bushy announced that the dates are set for our USA League Play this spring. They will be held at Boyne Tennis Center, Grand Traverse Resort and the Bay Area YMCA.
Boyne:  4/15-17  3.5 MW
Boyne  4/22-24   3.0 W
Boyne  4/29-5/1  3.0 M, 4.0 MW
Resort  5/6-8       3.5 MW
Resort  5/20-22   3.0 MW,4.0 MW

Peggy Bushy went to a section meeting and learned that the Section wants us to grow our leagues this year. She will try to get a combo league and add more teams to the senior leagues to help meet those goals. The section would also like us to change the way we do our leagues (tournaments all take place in a couple of weekends) Ruth Smith, Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula and Peggy Bushy will meet to draft a letter to the section asking for an exception based on our unique situation in the north of too few courts and poor weather for outdoor play.

Ruth Smith reported that she is working on improving and keeping our web sites up to date. Concern was expressed that some information on the USTA site was not always on the “up north” site and vice versa.

Margaret Ruemenapp reported on Petoskey Community Courts. Now that the courts haven been built in Petoskey this CTA will dissolve. A new one called Bay Area Tennis Association will be formed in its place, to service all tennis programs in the intended area.
Tom Van Deinse will handle the grants. He has a grant application from Dave Reeves regarding West Junior High and High School. He will treat it as a spring application.  Any grants received by the May 1st deadline are to be discussed by the grant committee and voted on at the May meeting.

Tom Van Deinse and Chris Michalowski reported that the Wightman Cup will be held June 18-20 and Davis Cup, June 17-20. There was some concern that the Qualifier conflicts with the state tournament. This committee will be sensitive to that and to graduations when scheduling these events. There are plans for a premier Northern Michigan junior tournament next year in March. Chris Michalowski also talked of initiating a low key inter club schedule for our younger junior players in the three indoor clubs.

A Multicultural coach’s workshop is being held April 8-10 in Indianapolis, which Margaret Ruemenapp and her husband Dick will attend if all else fails. 25% of the DIF funding in this area comes from meeting multicultural goals so it is important to us as a district that we try to meet them.

Bryn Lynch will have a meeting for area officials in March at her room in the high school. A sheet was passed out pertaining to the current umpire pay scales. There is a concern of too few umpires and increasing the pay scale may encourage more participation in the field.

Wendy Reeve reported there are no active grievances at this time.

Sanction and Schedule
The Midwest is going to points per round. They will base points on the relative strength of tournaments. We will be elevating the strength of some of our tournaments. The fee for registering on Tennislink has increased from $1 to $2.

Sue Gravedoni is finalizing information. She has a few new ads, but about the same number as last year. She still needs some pictures of ranked players. The yearbook will contain fewer pages, thereby reducing costs. She should have the proof from Print Shop by next week.

Old Business
Wendy Reeve made up some posters for tennis enthusiasts to sign asking the cable companies to carry the tennis channel. The signs will be posted at the local tennis facilities and when filled, will be turned in to Charter Communications.

New Business
The Midwest Section would like all districts to become more professional, possibly with paid personnel. They are also looking at possibly creating one district within the state, an issue that has come up before. A survey has been distributed to District ED’s and Presidents. Mary Sivula and Margaret Ruemenapp will draft a letter with our response to the survey. We feel participation in tournament play will significantly decrease if this were to happen.

Margaret Ruemenapp also made us aware that some college tennis programs are being cut. That is devastating to the goal oriented junior looking to play tennis as a collegiate sport.

There will be a Team Tennis Workshop and Area Training Center at Boyne Tennis Center, March 18-20. Chad Doctor, Midwest coordinator of Junior Teams, will be there to offer ideas on promoting team tennis and the rally ball format. Saturday and Sunday, young competitive players from the area will spend the night at Boyne Tennis Center, drilling, competing and learning.

The spring meeting is in Indianapolis April 28- May 1. Mary Sivula and Ruth Smith will be attending. Others are invited.

Mary Sivula and Ruth Smith attended a Community Development Tennis Workshop
In Sandestin, Florida. They felt the meeting was great and brought back “Great Ideas” for ***all of us. Details can be seen on the USTA website. The workshop offered ideas to bring in money as well as other great information. The Keynote speaker spoke on “Attitude is Everything.” Mary Sivula learned about cardio tennis and this is a program she would like to follow up on here in our area.

Margaret Ruemenapp felt it is important for our district to begin acknowledging area volunteers for all their time and effort spent supporting tennis. Terry Parks volunteered to head this committee. She will appoint committee members as needed and designate awards for our annual meeting. Her first task will be to designate a volunteer of the month for August, per the Midwest Section.

Margaret Ruemenapp mentioned that bracelets are available for 43 cents apiece. They say, “Tennis is Life” and would make a great marketing tool the district. They could be given to tournament players, team tennis participants, USA adult league tennis participants etc. Mary Sivula made a motion that we purchase 1000. Faith seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

It was suggested by Wendy Reeve that we could use some walkie-talkies for the tournaments. They would be helpful if health problems on court occurred or any other issues as well. Peggy Bushy will borrow some from Chris Michalowski at the Resort.

Sue Gravedoni moved that we adjourn at 8:23 p.m. seconded by Mary Sivula.

The next meeting will be held at Grand Traverse Bay Area YMCA on Wednesday, May 4 at 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Parks for Bryn Lynch, Secretary