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NMTA Meeting Minutes from January 28, 2007

Approved 03- 14, 2007

                    NMTA Bi-Monthly Meeting                    
Sunday, January 28, 2007
6:00 P.M. Teleconference

Present: Ed Watson, Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula, Ann Onello, Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch, Wendy Reeve, Vickie Lampel, Marilynn Smith, Peggy Bushy, Andy Caldwell, Dick Ruemenapp, Terry Parks

The meeting was called to order via teleconference at 6:03 p.m. by Mary Sivula.

Everyone identified themselves and Mary Sivula reminded all participants to announce themselves before speaking, as we were talking via phone. Mary indicated three items should be added to the agenda:under “Old Business” evaluations were added and under “New Business” The Bob Tournament and the March Meeting were added.

Marilynn Smith moved to approve the November minutes and Terry Parks seconded the motion with all in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Dick Ruemenapp indicated our CD at Fifth Third Bank is worth $34,985, renewable in September. It is accruing $150 interest a month. Our opening balance as of Jan. 1, 2007 was $25,607; our cash receipts were $483; our disbursement for 2007 is $1,683; our balance as of January 29 is $24,411; and our total cash (CD and checking) is $59,000.

The budget was then presented by Dick Ruemenapp and the following discussion ensued. Ruth Smith asked if a stipend for Wightman and Davis Cup coaches was included in the budget. It was decided to add $1200 to the budget for coaching fees. Ruth Smith also inquired if there was money allocated for the Community Tennis Development Workshop. Dick Ruemenapp indicated that it was included under Administrative Services, Meetings/General.  Terry Parks asked why there was an increase in Junior Team Tennis. Dick Ruemenapp explained that it was due to Chris Michalowski’s success in recruiting participation in the program. Terry Parks also inquired why there was an increase under USTA Adult Leagues / Championships. Dick Ruemenapp explained that the increase reflects and income and expense situation if Teams go on to State events. An additional charge of $100 per USTA League tournament weekend at the Grand Traverse Resort for the privilege of bringing in food.
Bryn Lynch asked if we should increase the budget for officials.  New officials are being trained in Alpena . New shirts may need to be purchased and mileage accounted for.It was decided to add an additional $400 to the miscellaneous line item under Officials/Umpires to cover these costs. Margaret Ruemenapp commented that she has prepared a $5000 grant with respect to Midwest’s Organization Excellence Inititatives for upgrading the District technology and bringing it up to Midwest’s standards.

Marilyn Smith made a motion to accept the 2007 proposed budget. Bryn Lynch seconded the motion with all in favor.

Committee Reports:

Adults: No report

Adult League Coordinator:  Peggy Bushy reported that all team captains were sent a letter indicating sign-ups were due Feb. 1. To date there are 11 teams signed up. Peggy asked Andy Caldwell about the status of their 3.0 league. He indicated that he had 20 men sign up.

Ed Watson verified that Alpena had a 3.5 men’s team and two 3.0 women’s teams.  Terry Parks asked if there ever had been a push for a 2.5 women’s league. There was discussion on the matter and it was decided that anyone who had people interested in a 2.5 league should contact  Peggy Bushy.

Wage and Incentive Proposal:  Margaret indicated that Peggy Bushy, as District League Coordinator, has requested a wage increase. A proposed increase to $4500 per year has been made. Additionally Peggy Bushy will receive $10 for each new unique player and $25 for each new individual team added to our league play. A unique player was defined as an individual who has not been a member for at least a year.  Wendy Reeve questioned the stipend for an assistant coordinator and Dick Ruemenapp explained that Paula Stephanic has agreed to accept the position . Dick Ruemenapp said he has budgeted a possible $300 increase in the league coordinator stipend to handle the incentive. A motion was made by Ruth Smith to accept the wage and incentive proposal. Wendy Reeve seconded the motion and it passed with all in favor.

Communications: Ruth Smith indicated that the Tennis Up North web site is up and running. League information will be on this web site in the future. .Midwest requests that we put both Chrysler League logo and our Northern Michigan logo on our website. Ruth Smith will follow up on this.

District Endorsers: No Report

Grants:  Margaret mentioned that we have a spring cycle for grants and that we should encourage people to apply by May 1 for June distribution.

Junior Competitive Events: The Junior Davis Cup will require the participants to stay in dorms this year.

Junior Team Tennis: Tina Blackman and Margaret Ruemenapp recently went to a Junior Team Tennis workshop and are going to address this program in the Petoskey-Harbor Springs area shortly.

Diversity: Dick Ruemenapp was asked to join the Midwest Diversity Team. Kudos to Dick!

Grievance: No report

Sanction and Schedule:  TennisLink has been switched to Active.com. This site is used for registering for tournaments, League participants and junior team tennis participants. There will be an increase in the fees.

Nominating Committee: Marilynn Smith indicated that Jennifer Gerling and Vickie Lampel have been nominated to serve on our Board. Their nomination will be voted on at the annual Meeting in November.

Yearbook: Margaret Ruemenapp requested Ruth Smith  be responsible for high school tennis pictures in the lower peninsula. Rochelle Cotey will be responsible for the Upper Peninsula,and Terry Parks for Manistee. Andy Caldwell will be responsible for an article and pictures of the Snowbound Open and two other Resort tournaments. Peggy Bushy has been asked for pictures and an article for USTA Leagues and Mary Sivula for a letter from the President.  Dick Ruemenapp suggested that a note about our new website be included in the yearbook.

Awards:  No report

Community Tennis Associations: No report

Officials:  Ruth Smith and Bryn Lynch went to Indianapolis for training on umpiring and refereeing. Ruth Smith attended a similar workshop in Chicago with Wendy Reeve. There will be training for new umpires in Alpena on March 24 and in Traverse City on March 25.

Old Business: Margaret  Ruemenapp and Peggy Bushy will meet with Mary Sivula in the near future to process evaluations. Margaret Ruemenapp requested that everyone get their evaluations to Mary.

New Business:

Midwest Volunteer of the Month:  On behalf of the board, congratulations to our three nominated volunteers: Mary Sivula, Joe Havican, and Ruth Smith. All are very deserving of this honor.

Tennis Channel: There was discussion on why The French Open is not going to be televised on the major networks. Ed Watson volunteered to talk with Charter and see if there is some way to address the problem of not having The Tennis Channel.

The Bob Tournament:  Ruth Smith reiterated her proposal to have the Northern Michigan Tennis Association take over responsibility for this tournament. After some discussion, Dick Ruemenapp asked Ruth Smith if she could put together a plan of what would be required to organize this event and we would discuss it at our March meeting. Ruth agreed and indicated that she would let The Bob board know that we are going to be considering her proposal. 

Northern Michigan Junior Indoor: Margaret Ruemenapp asked Ed Watson if Alpena could host part of the Northern Michigan Junior Indoor Tournament in March.  Ed Watson responded that the two new courts will not be ready until the first weekend in April. They decided to meet and discuss this matter.

March Meeting: Margaret Ruemenapp indicated that our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 14, at 7:00p.m.in Gaylord.  Dinner will be provided, and she will let us know the location via e-mail.

Dick Ruemenapp moved to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Bryn Lynch and the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Ann Onello Secretary