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NMTA Meeting Minutes from January 23, 2005

Northern MichiganTennis Association Minutes January 23, 2005
Approved by the NMTA Board 03-09-05

Budget Meeting

In attendance: Margaret Ruemenapp, Faith Gavaldon, Sue Gravedoni, Terry Parks, Ruth Smith, Dick Rumenapp, Denny Green, Mary Sivula, Bryn Lynch, Wendy Reeve

Meeting called to order at 1:30 by Mary Sivula and seconded by Terry Parks.  Mary welcomed us and thanked us for coming. 

Margaret handed out the 2005 budget, agenda and minutes of the November 7 Annual Meeting.

Review of minutes: Ruth pointed out typo of  “Dec. 305" instead of “Dec. 3-5"in the “Annual Midwest Meeting..
Wendy says July 4 free clinic was rained out.  The July 20th event Denny and Mike Rahaley put on a tournament and had about 70 people come out for it.    
Faith asks for clarification of treasurer reconciling the bank account.  She reconciles it, but then it is reviewed by Dick.  

Terry moved that we approve the minutes as amended.  Mary seconded it.  Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s report: $ 21,443.88 . $38.69 in interest.  The CD will mature in March.  Faith is thinking about what to do with it since it isn’t earning much.  Faith has talked to Freddy Johnson who works with someone that guarantees a 6-7% return. She will look into it for the next meeting. Terry asked how much was in CD (approx. $32,000). 
Bryn motioned to approve the treasurer’s report and Mary seconded it.  Motion passed.

Committee reports:

Adult Committee: Wendy has no report, but is open to suggestions.  Wonders what else she might be doing.  Terry asked if Wendy works in conjunction with Peggy Bushy - the answer is no. 

Could it be combined with the Community tennis?  Ruth says we might organize something along the lines that Mick has done (ladders), but really need the personal contact in the community. A lot of times it is the league players who come out, but Ruth said that maybe the older players at the YMCA in Traverse City would be interested in such a thing, or maybe could involve the Senior Citizen Center.  Wendy says here at Boyne they don’t really promote getting new people involved.  You can only use the court three times before you have to join.

 What could happen in the summer?  Here, everyone fends for themself when the bubble comes down.  Ruth will work with Wendy on it to come up with some new ideas.

Adult League Coordinator: no report.  Margaret knows that she is contracted for 5 weekends, including the Boyne Tennis Center.  Looking for an assistant to help her and Kathy Houda’s name was mentioned.  She sent an e-mail to all the team captains. Some captains have already gotten the dates for the league weekends.  Mary says it’s up in the air because Peggy is not sure exactly how many teams are planning to play.  February 14 is the deadline.  Mary has contacted all the team captains in the Petoskey area to let them know they need to get in touch with Peggy.

Communications: Ruth passed out the Communications report.  Margaret handed out the job description that Ruth typed up.  Margaret wants this from all of us and suggested that we use Ruth’s example as a prototype.  Ruth will e-mail Kathy Dalla Costa to ask if the Midwest has job descriptions already typed up.  Mary Nykerk and Ruth both have the same software now which makes it much easier.  It is Microsoft Frontpage. (2003 edition). Cheryl will also get it on her computer and learn to use it.  Gullikson Grant for college students, and another grant that comes from the Midwest Youth Tennis and Education Foundation have been posted on our local web site.  Cheryl Beebe is going to write an article about tennis development on Beaver Island. If anyone has anything they want on the website let Ruth know. Wendy asks if information about “The Bob” is on the Tennis Up North site and about the Qualifier that takes place in Midland.  Ruth could possibly put how to check NTRP ratings on the USTA site so that people could possibly find others to play with/against.  There is something like that now that Ruth responds to but it is not used much.  She thinks it’s at the top of the web page.  Wendy suggests that the pros’ names be added too so people could contact them for a lesson, etc.

Community Tennis Associations: Committee pending.  Margaret says that so many things are going on that we haven’t really had time to pursue this interest.  Wendy thought that it overlaps with adult recreation, but Margaret added that it really covers all levels, ages, etc..of play.  Mary reminded us that she and Ruth are going to the big conference in Florida and wants to make contacts in Alpena, the Upper Peninsula, etc. to be able to grow tennis across our area.  We have five CTAs in this district. They benefit from all the programs USTA has to offer: Fife Lake, Petoskey Community Courts, Alpena, Iron Mountain and Marquette.  None in Traverse City because NMTA is there.  Friends of Tennis should become a CTA.  Tawas to Ludington and further north covers our area.  We need to think more globally! $165 per year insurance policy for liability insurance. Great perk for a CTA. CTAs are to promote tennis and to try to make things happen!!

District endorsers: Tom is going to run the qualifier so he needs to be the district endorser instead of Mick.  Margaret will make sure that people know who they should be contacting.

Grants: One grant in from Dave Reeves for $2000 in order to finish the courts at West Junior High School. Margaret asked if anyone would be seeing Tom this week because she wants to make sure that he gets the grant information from Dave Reeves since he sent the information in in early December. 

Junior Competitive Committee: Ed Watson would like to be part of this committee too, along with Tom Van Deinse and Mick.  We talked about getting the dates for the Area Training Center and then sending them all postcards to all the youngsters on the mailing list.  Hold one in Traverse City and one in Petoskey in order to try to get more kids to come.  Talk to Tom first, and see how it will all play out.  Margaret has left messages for Tom and is waiting to hear from him.  “Rankings” is now done by the Midwest so we no longer have to handle it.  Ruth will put it on the website (Sue will forward the e-mail that Margaret sent to her that explains how the kids go about it).

Multicultural Participation: Dick attended the Multicultural workshop at the Midwest meeting.  We should be in the forefront because of our Native American population.  So much available in funding if we could ever get started!  Barb Muller has not reported back to the Midwest (had a 3-year grant) and the new Midwest employee will try to get ahold of her and will probably report at the Spring meeting.  Children’s program? Have them bussed to the tennis center on a Friday afternoon, possibly?  Mary will work on this. We should start a program, then let Barb Muller know so that she could come in if she wanted to.

Officials: Bryn reported that she, Ruth, Wendy and Paul Schultz will attend the national training in Indianapolis next weekend.  Bryn and Ruth will run a local training in late February although would like to encourage people to attend the national training that will be held in Lansing the weekend of February 19, 2005.  To be held February 27 at Bryn’s classroom in Traverse City. Ruth said she would be willing to come up here to run a clinic.  Mary asked Bryn write up something so that she could post it up at the Boyne Tennis Center.  Mary remarked that Sue Ross used to do this and she will talk to her about getting involved in this again.  Margaret asked if Bryn was in close contact with Peggy but Bryn says she has not received the dates yet.

Grievance: Wendy has nothing to report since League play has not started.  Mary asks what happens if someone wants to appeal their rating.  This is a “Peggy” question.   

Sanction and Schedule: No report.  Everything is under control.  Ruth mentioned that some of the information needs to be updated.  Ruth suggests that Margaret have the tournament directors look over info. to see if it needs to be changed.

Yearbook: Sue says she needs more advertisers outside of the Petoskey area. $50 for quarter page, $100 half page, $150 for a full page.  Let Sue know if there are people in your community that are involved in tennis and who might be interested in an ad.  Also do the patrons ($10 per name).  Traverse City is low - definitely should be much higher than what it is now. 

Senior picture with congratulations, etc. ($50 each).  Terry can only think of a couple of people in Manistee (Sue will send her a packet of information). Mary will contact Joe Havican to try to get something going in Marquette.  She will ask him for ads and patron pages.  Put Denny in charge of Harbor Springs.  Sue asked each coach to provide a synopsis of the season.  She needs a few more e-mails. Lots of schools listed but doesn’t get information back from everyone.  Margaret will give her a more updated list.  Margaret asked Ed Watson if he could get current information on the players who are now in college.  Are they playing for fun?  Intercollegiate?  Etc.?  Denny will do the same for Harbor Springs.  Wendy is making a list of Harbor Springs’ businesses that Sue could contact.  Sue would like all of this by the last week of February.  Pictures, etc. for

Wightman - need to get from Mary Beth Milliken and Tom Van Deinse.  Margaret has a disc of Junior Davis Cup.  Mary has some pictures too that she will get to Sue.  Margaret told her to not hesitate to ask for help.  Sue will contact Peggy for League pictures.  Book will be a little smaller this year.  Tournament applications: will save pages since everything is electronic.

 A couple are not on-line registrations...we could put these in the book, and the others could simply be listed. Indicate tournament ID number so they know what to do to get on correct site. Some except both, but don’t we want to encourage people to do on-line registration? Sue should e-mail tournament directors to tell them that they will need to send her the information so they can be listed (but so people signing up can at least have some information about the tournament).  If don’t want to register on-line then they can call the tournament director.  Separate them out: on-line versus not.  This will save lots of pages and money.  Officers’ pictures should be put in, too.  We would like the yearbook to be self-sufficient. 

Good luck, Sue!  We know what a big job this is!!

Old Business: We have covered a lot of this already.  Columbus: Mary was the voting power at the meeting.  All Call items this year were all wording, verbiage, etc. in the constitution.  Big push for Multicultural - inclusionary rather than exclusionary.  Executive Directors get together.  Our money comes from the U.S. Open.  A lot of information packed into the weekend.  Nick Bolletieri was the keynote speaker.  Margaret will write a blurb and the picture of Nick, Margaret, and Mary will be published in the yearbook.  Margaret went to five meetings this year.  Is getting a really good idea of her job! 

Bonding of Employees:
we got the policy - $335 for three years but excludes independent contractors, so going back to the company to get a clause to include independent contractors. 

Job descriptions: Margaret wants manuals ready for March.

New Business:  Northern Michigan Indoor - get together with Mick and run a premier tournament.  Where’s the biggest market (age group ?)  16s pretty good, 12s good.  Traverse City has most of the tournament-age playing kids.  To be held in Traverse City, here at Boyne, etc.  12s through 18s.  Is there a market for 10s? Up to the pros to get the information out to the kids.  Kids could be from anywhere - need to get it on the website ASAP.  Boys’ team is allowed to play two outside tournaments.  Teams could come up from Detroit, etc.  The tourist area would love us if we could bring up teams during mid-March!  For 16s and 18s would be an attractive possibility.  Budget- Mary, Margaret, Dick, Ruth and Faith worked together to clarify/explain the budget.  Mary, Margaret and Dick et again last Thursday to finish up the budget.  Margaret thanked Dick (formally) for his help, and Mary thanked Faith for keeping such excellent records.  DIF stands for “District Incentive Funding” - this is how we get our money.  They changed the parameters this last year.  They cut out areas where our area tends to do well.  Margaret went through the budget and explained it to us.  We should have about $4000 more in revenue than expenses.  Midwest had overbudgeted because they always have plans to do certain things but they don’t work out.  This year they are deciding to not do that - just budget for what has actually been spent.  Tried to align the budget with how Faith sets it up.  This makes it much easier to follow.  Friend at Court - who do they go to? To each tournament director.  Bryn will order them. 15 @ $5 each.  Ruth has already spent $200 for website maintanance  Do we need to put more in budget?  If we don’t put it in and something happens, what’s the procedure?  Need to have some flexibility. Need a general slush fund.  Mary would prefer that it not be so general. $500 additional to website maintenance.  Faith’s education - does it come under that or under another heading?  Margaret and Mary should be able to authorize a “contingency” fund which should be listed, rather than putting more money in website maintenance.  Will add $500 in a contingency fund under “administrative expenses/services”.  Do we want a contingency fund in other areas too?  i.e. programs (p.4, community development) in education or other areas?  Put in as a line-item of $500 and it’s there if it’s needed.  Put it in under “Community Development” since at present it is at “zero”.  Margaret will send a packet to the officers who are not present. 

Mary asked for a motion to approve the budget as amended.  Faith made a motion, Terry seconded it. Motion passed. 

Ed spoke about writing/contacting Charter about getting the tennis channel.  Significant increase in interest in tennis in communities that do get this channel.  If everyone in our district who plays tennis contacts Charter or the tennis channel this would help.  Ruth asked Ed to write up an article to put on the website. Terry asked if Ed had ever called.  He says Charter needs some sort of petition to show that the interest is there.  If NMTA keeps track of this it will be more accurate than if people simply contact Charter directly.  Wendy offered to make posters to put up at the different sites.  Ruth asked Ed to check out the information that is needed.  Dick says that Midwest must have a vehicle to help promote this (marketing) because they obviously would like to promote tennis! Ed will contact Ruth via e-mail.  Ruth asks if anyone has a scanner to scan a couple of forms because she would like to get a couple of things on the website. 

Margaret asked about setting the date of the next meeting.  March 9?  Bryn out of town.  Terry offered to take the minutes that night since it works for everyone else.  6 p.m. at the YMCA.  Margaret will talk to Tom and then e-mail everyone to confirm.  Spring meeting April28-May1 in Indianapolis.  Open invitation to anyone who wants to go! 

Mary motioned to adjourn the meeting.  Terry seconded it.  Meeting adjourned at 3:50p.m.