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NMTA Meeting Minutes from January 17, 2010

Minutes of the
Bi-monthly Meeting for the
Northern Michigan Tennis District
Sunday, January  17, 2010 7:00 p.m.
Conference Call

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. Paul Wieland, president pro tem. Nothing was added to the agenda. Ruth Smith moved to approve and the motion was supported by Rochelle Cotey. Passed unanimously.

In attendance: Dick Ruemenapp, Ruth Smith, Paul Wieland, Vickie Lampel, Rochelle Cotey, Nancy Rushlow, Paul Bandrowski, Claudia Vanlandschoot and Wendy Reeve. Board members absent were Harold Calton and Don Newport . Staff present: Margaret Ruemenapp and Rebecca Rogers. Staff absent were Diane Gillespie, Adam Begley and Laura Chamberlin.

A motion to approve the November 16, 2009 Board meeting minutes was made. Vickie Lampel corrected the makeup of the Nominating Committee eliminating Jennifer Gerling from the committee at Jennifer’s behest. They are currently a committee of 4 seeking a fifth. The motion, having been made by Rochelle Cotey was then supported by Claudia Vanlandschoot. Passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s Report has been filed as presented by Dick Ruemenapp. We have $21,173.00 in our checking account and $38,054.00 in a CD which earned $900.00 in interest in 2009. Dick Ruemenapp had budgeted a deficit in 2009, but we ended with a gain of $2143.00 which was attributed to Leagues, the junior program and the Summer Splash. Additionally, $3000.00 had been budgeted for an area training center which was not held.

Committee Reports:

Executive Director’s Report:
Margaret Ruemenapp attended the League Committee conference calls, met with Adam Begley to arrange a marketing plan, sent out a mailing to our membership regarding the changes USTA made regarding the ratings, and oversaw the league survey. She noted that two other districts asked for advice regarding our league survey. A district incentive of $4900.00 will be paid to us in 2010 on the results of our 2009 league play. We had a membership of 1117 in 2009. Growth needs to be seen in our junior team tennis numbers. Margaret asked for Board advice as to whom is to be sent the board meeting minutes and agendas. It was suggested by Paul Wieland that only Board members should be sent the approved minutes and agendas. Dick Ruemenapp suggested committee chairs also be included. Margaret Ruemenapp reported that we were singled out by the USTA for our unique numbers growth for 2009. Paul Wieland requested that everyone check their emails for an executive director evaluation form, complete it and send on to our president, Don Newport.

Adult Leagues:
Rebecca Rogers reported that 33-34 teams are projected to compete in the 2010 adult league season approaching in April and May. Part of the growth is imagined to be because of the ratings changes that USTA made at the end of November, 2009. Rebecca Rogers is also hopeful that we will have 2 teams of 2.5 womens tennis competing. Captains’ meetings will be held in late January and early February at each of our three main sights; Alpena, Petoskey-Harbor Springs; Traverse City. Schedules have been sent out to all of last year’s captains and projected captains for this year.

Twelve teams which include 4 from Northern Michigan are competing in the State Combo Doubles Championship February 27,28, 2010 at the Grand Traverse Resort. Rebecca Rogers is the host.

Dick Ruemenapp moved to appoint Wendy Reeve as the chair of the NTRP Review Committee a necessary subcommittee of our League Committee. Ruth Smith supported.
Passed unanimously.

Grants/Advocacy Committee: Junior Committee: 
The role of this committee is to be an advocate for the groups in our District who wish to apply for funding to develop tennis and tennis facilities.. The chair of this committee would be responsible for providing the proper materials and following up on any progress. Eric Bergsma has indicated an interest in this position. Paul Wieland suggested that we should have someone on this committee to represent each of our areas. He will speak with our local league coordinators for any name suggestions. Paul Wieland made a motion to appoint Eric Bergsma to chair the Grants/Advocacy Committee. The motion was supported by Dick Ruemenapp. Passed unanimously.


Diversity and Inclusion: Dick Ruemenapp is trying to start programming for Native Americans. He is still looking for a contact person within this community.

Wendy Reeve will look at the NMTA grievance notebooks prior to the start of adult leagues to ensure they are updated with 2010 materials.


Marketing and Membership:
Adam Begley was not present on the call so Margaret Ruemenapp reported on his behalf. He is working on the 2009 Yearbook and is projecting that it will be completed by the end of February to mid March. Margaret Ruemenapp appealed for any materials to be included.

Ruth Smith is working to create a timeline so that she can proactively contact committee chairpersons for information in a timely manner for inclusion on our website.

Bryn Lynch was not present but in her report she plans to attend the February 5-7 national training course in Baltimore. Ruth Smith and Wendy Reeve plan to attend the national training course in Toledo, March 5-7. A training date still needs to be set up for our provisional league umpires. Margaret Ruemenapp put in a request for a roving umpire for the Northern Michigan Junior Indoor held March 12-14 in Alpena at Thunder Bay Recreation Center.

Community Tennis Associations:
Margaret Ruemenapp has yet to apply for approvals for Iron Mountain-Kingsford Tennis Association and Gogebic Iron Range Community Tennis Association. Alpena’s CTA the Alpena Tennis Association is already taken care of. Traverse City’s CTA is moving forward.

Junior Committee:
Paul Bandrowski reported that the year end rankings are complete and explained that approximately one third of our juniors did not complete the requirements of three local tournaments in our district in order to be considered.

He reported a suggested point system for round robin play if 5 players or less were entered in a division. This will give our players 60 points if they won a 5 person round robin. A regular draw creates 44 for a tournament win.

Paul Bandrowski approached Tom VanDeinse regarding the girl’s junior team tennis project. Currently this is very successful in Traverse City with 40-50 participants. The boy’s branch has not started yet as a sponsor is being sought. Paul is anxious to begin this program in the Petoskey-Harbor Springs area. He would like to form committees for Alpena, Ludington, Petoskey and the Upper Peninsula. Dick ruemenapp asked Paul for budget particulars but at the moment Paul is looking for broader participation from individuals and/or committees. He is hoping to implement this program district wide in the spring of 2010. Dick ruemenapp suggested listing this request on the website. Paul also asked that monies be kept in the budget for area training centers. We have not spent any budgeted money for this in the past two years. Paul will be restructuring the junior committees. He will present a plan for this.

The Northern Michigan Junior Indoor will be held in Alpena March 12-14, 2010 and will rotate throughout our District at the indoor clubs in years thereafter. Margaret Ruemenapp with the help of Vickie Lampel and the workers of the Alpena Tennis Association is overseeing the major details.

Level 7 ( beginner and quickstart) tournaments are getting closer. Paul Bandrowski feels this is a must for our novice juniors. The Junior Committee feels this is an encouraging format to new and young players.

We have a challenge from Ron Brooks and several anonymous donors who are willing to purchase junior membership for the District if we match the funds. The District has a goal of increasing our junior membership by 100.

Our 2010 Motto:
Let us be selfless in our decision making. Let our decisions reflect our selflessness.

The meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

The next bi-monthly meeting by conference call is Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.