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NMTA Meeting Minutes from January 14,2004

NMTA Miutes

January 14, 2004
YMCA in Traverse City

Mission Statement: To promote and develop the growth of tennis.

Tom van Deinse      Mary Sivula
Sue Gravedoni        Margaret Ruemenapp
Peggy Bushy          Faith Gavaldon
Denise Bickel         Ruth Smith

The meeting was called to order at 6:12 p.m. We began with a celebration of Ruth Smith and Keith Bushy. Awards were presented for years of service and cake was served.

Denise Bickel moved and Mary Sivula seconded the approval of the November minutes.

Faith Gavaldon submitted the Treasurer’s report as of 12-31-03. We have $14,852.46 in checking and $32,498.53 in savings. The interest statement came through from the bank. It is on a quarterly basis. Faith is working on Quik Books now. Tom van Deinse moved and Mary Sivula seconded approval of the Treasurer’s report.

Committee Reports:

Adult League Coordinator:Peggy Bushy
Peggy’s dates are set for 2004 USA League program. Boyne Tennis Center may be used as an alternate site. Peggy has put a request out for volunteers on her League Committee for those weekends. By February 1 league captains need to have contacted Peggy with their intention to play. Peggy achieved 106% of her goal- congratulations! Denise Bickel will be working on Mixed Senior League and Mary Sivula on 3.5 senior women. A player must have turned 50 by the end of the year. There are Senior Championships held at the State or Regional level one week later.

Budget:Ruth Smith

The actual 2003 and proposed 2004 budgets were approved. The motion was made by Tom van Deinse and seconded by Mary Sivula . Denise Bickel made a motion to approve the purchase of a laptop for Peggy Bushy, our adult league coordinator, not to exceed $1200.00. Faith Gavaldon seconded the motion and Faith and Peggy will proceed on that front.

Communications:Ruth Smith and Cheryl Bebee

Ruth and Cheryl are working on our two websites, updating and adding pictures. Tennisupnorth.com is our informal site and USTA NorthernMichigan is our formal web site.

Community Tennis Associations:Ruth Smith, Margaret Ruemenapp
Ruth and Margaret will attend the CTDW in Las Vegas February 5-9.

District Endorser:Chris Michalowski
In Mick’s absence Tom van Deinse gave the report. He will be running the Qualifier this year June 5-6 at the same time as the Davis Cup, Wightman Cup tryouts. Tom will be the endorser this year.

Grants:Tom van Deinse
Many grants are available through Midwest, please contact Margaret if in need.

Juniors:Tom van Deinse

The Area Training Center will be held at Grand Traverse Resort and Grand Traverse YMCA on Sunday, March 7, 2004. 24 district junior players will be involved.

 Officials:Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch

Ruth and Bryn will attend the Homewood Flossmoor Workshop Valentine’s weekend.

Ranking:Margaret Ruemenapp

Margaret will be attending Executive Director training in March and Greg Boyd will spend time with her on the ranking process and how Northern Michigan wishes to be in line with the Midwest process.

 Sanction and Schedule:Ruth Smith, Margaret Ruemenapp

All our tournaments are published and Margaret and Ruth will be getting together regarding this process prior to the March meeting.

Yearbook:Sue Gravedoni
Yearbook is on schedule. Patron pages are being collected as is information.
A deadline of February 26 is trying to be observed.

Old Business: A schools program inservice is scheduled for February 15 at Boyne Tennis Center.The Snowbound Open is being held at the Grand Traverse Resort, a high quality prize money tournament. Spectators are welcome.

New Business A report was presented by Denise Bickel and Margaret Ruemenapp on the Midwest Annual Meeting held in December. Ruth Smith attended a conference on Adult and Junior Team Tennis (Recreation). Mary Sivula was unable to go. A gift certificate for Cheryl Bebee and Chris Michalowski was given to Ruth to present to the recipients in gratitude for their work and volunteerism to our district.

The meeting adjourned at 8 p.m. Next meeting, with tennis, at Boyne Tennis Center Sunday,March 7 at 11 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by  Margaret Ruemenapp. March 7, 2004