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NMTA Annual Meeting Minutes from September 15, 2003


NMTA Minutes from 09-15-03 / Annual Meeting / YMCA in Traverse City

Karen Royle   
Tom Van Deinse          
Cheryl Bebee   
Denise Bickel   
Keith Bushy  
Faith Gavaldon
Vince Szymanski
Ann Murphy
Laura Kemp
Shelly Kindig Bugg
Ruth Smith

The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm
It was moved by Denise Bickel and 2nd by Karen Royle to accept the minutes from the June 23, 2003 meeting as presented. All were in favor.

Old Business:
NMTA received thank you notes from:
Grand Traverse Bay YMCA / spring 2003 grant
Friends of TC Tennis / spring 2003 grant
Email thank you from Fife Lake  (for previous grant / filled us in on summer programs for 2003)

Development Coaches Workshop
No go at this time / let's try again next year

Multicultural Participation
Barbara Mueller did come to the area. Gave two days of lessons:
Manistee-Little River Band / 9 attended 1st day 7 2nd. Terry Parks helped
Peshawbestown-Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa /?
Harbor Springs-? /? // I will try to further follow-up to see how these programs went.

Alternative Ed. Project
Tom Van Denise said that now the fall schedule is set at the YMCA he could look to see when the Alternative Ed program might be able to use the tennis courts at the Y. This could be along with tennis taught on grounds at the Alternative Ed. Site. We still need someone to work with Donna Novak to get this going.

Team Tennis 
Cheryl Bebee gave a report on the results of her team tennis initiative. Tom Van Denise had approximately 200 kids in rally ball programs at the Y. Larry Nykerk had over 150 new participants in his summer program. Dave Reeves and Vince Szymanski may complete paperwork on the team tennis aspect of their after school programs. Cheryl coordinated a Team Tennis Playoff / Event Day with some of the students from Larry Nykerks program. There were approximately 50 children there and it seemed that a fun time was had by most.

New Business:
Vince Szymanski told us about his project to have vertical slats woven into the fencing at West Sr. High. Some type of wind break is definitely needed there.This is a $12,00 project. He has raised $8,000 and still needs $4,000. He will be sending in a grant request to NMTA.
Election of officers
Continuing into 2nd year of current two year term
  1st Vice President / Tom Van Deinse / 1st term
  3rd Vice President / Cheryl Bebee / 1st term
  Recording Secretary / Bryn Lynch / 1st term

It was moved by Tom Van Denise and seconded by Karen Royle that Denise Bickel be elected as President. All were in agreement.
It was moved by Tom Van Denise and seconded by Karen Royle that Faith Gavaldon be elected as Treasurer. All were in agreement.

2nd Vice President / Karen Royle has chosen not to run for a second term in this position. We will be looking for someone to fill this board position.

Funding for 2004 // Shelly Kindig Bugg
Shelly explained that funding coming to USTA / Midwest this next year will be based on the number of USTA members we have and the results of a phone survey of 25,000 people in all USTA Sections completed a year ago. 

Earlier Shelly, Keith Bushy, Denise Bickel, Cheryl Bebee and Ruth Smith had met to discuss NMTA goals for 2004. Assuming that the USTA / Midwest will not continue PBIF goals in 2004 the decision was made that NMTA will stress:
1.Participation / just get people out playing tennis even if they are not USTA Members
2.Find way to promote membership. If you are a mentor and the child you are mentoring is not a USTA Member encourage them to sign up or pay for them to sign up or…….
 3. Try to get more schools involved in PE teacher In-Service training, assemblies, after school programs.
4. Get more actively involved in Community Outreach. Maybe do some type of follow-up from the letters sent out a few years ago or.....

Discussion on fees for USA League Coordinator and Executive Director
Ruth will look into the legalities of continuing on with persons in these jobs being considered private contractors as opposed to having people in these positions become employees of NMTA. These issues and a possible increase of payment to $3,000 each with possibly an assistant for each (or shared) will be pursued as part of the 2004 budget process.

Discussion: Changes in registration fees for USA League
The idea of increasing registration fees to $10 per division was discussed. The general feeling was that it is a good idea and that persons signing up for League would not be overly upset by this increase. This will be further discussed as part of the 2004 budget process.

Discussion: Pay registration fees for teams representing NMTA at the Sectional Level of USA League competition.
There was general agreement of this idea. This will be further discussed as part of the 2004 budget process.

Who is interested in attending the December USTA Midwest Meeting in Chicago  December 6-7th?

Ruth / Peggy / Denise = plan on attending.
Bryn won't be back yet / Cheryl is working weekends / Tom = no
Faith/ will let me know  

Who should we encourage to attend the Community Tennis Development Workshop in Las Vegas Feb 5-9th?  
Tom would probably be able to attend if he has good advance notice in knowing he will go. He enjoyed and profited by meeting he went to two years ago. He would like to go but feels we should give others the opportunity to participate.
Ruth would like to attend
Ruth will check with our CTAs in Alpena, Marquette and Petoskey to see if anyone is interested in attending.
Shelly stated that there is some grant money for attending this meeting.

Next meeting:
Wednesday November 19th  / 6-7:30 pm at the YMCA in Traverse City

The president appoints committee members. The members serve until the next annual (fall) meeting. We will give Denise some time on the job and have her report committee appointments at the next meeting.

The exception to this was the Grant Committee with was appointed.
Tom Van Denise / Chair / Cheryl Bebee / Keith Bushy / Ann Murphy
Denise is a committee member per the by-laws
It was moved by Cheryl Bebee and seconded by Karen Royle to adjourn. All in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.