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NMTA Annual Meeting Minutes from November 7, 2004

Minutes of NMTA Annual Meeting November 7, 2004
at The Grand Traverse Resort in Acme
Approved 01-23-05 with modification / corrections. See below:

Northern MichiganTennis Association
January 23, 2005
Budget Meeting
In attendance: Margaret Ruemenapp, Faith Gavaldon, Sue Gravedoni, Terry Parks, Ruth Smith, Dick Rumenapp, Denny Green, Mary Sivula, Bryn Lynch, Wendy Reeve

Meeting called to order at 1:30 by Mary Sivula and seconded by Terry Parks. Mary welcomed us and thanked us for coming. Margaret handed out the 2005 budget, agenda and minutes of the November 7 Annual Meeting.

Review of minutes: Ruth pointed out typo of “Dec. 305" instead of “Dec. 3-5"in the “Annual Midwest Meeting..

Wendy says July 4 free clinic was rained out. The July 20th event Denny and Mike Rahaley put on a tournament and had about 70 people come out for it.

Faith asks for clarification of treasurer reconciling the bank account. She reconciles it, but then it is reviewed by Dick.

Terry moved that we approve the minutes as amended. Mary seconded it. Motion approved.

Mission Statement:

To promote and develop the growth of tennis

The meeting convened at 1:09 p.m. with Terry Parks, Marilynn Smith, Missy Bila, Mary Sivula, Margaret Ruemenapp, Faith Gavaldon, Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch and Dick Ruemenapp in attendance.

It was noted that according to our Constitution and Bylaws Chair we need to have our election of officers and that in order to have more flexibility at our meetings regarding the vote we need more voting members at the meetings. The slate of officers presented was: Mary Sivula- President, Faith Gavaldon- Treasurer, Bryn Lynch- Recording Secretary, 1st Vice President-Tom vanDeinse, 2nd Vice President-Terry Parks, 3rd Vice President-Cheryl Bebee.

New Directors voted in: Marilynn Smith, Ed Watson, Chris Michalowski, Missy Bila and Ruth Smith. The immediate past president is also part of the board. Marilynn went on to explain that the chain of command is Board of Directors, Committees, all NMTA members. Dick Ruemenapp moved that the slate be accepted with a second from Mary Sivula.

The Board of Directors has a minimum of six, including officers. The Management Committee contains all of the officers and the immediate past president. We need more than 6 members in order to have more ( voting) flexibility.
Gretchen Olsen has also agreed to remain our general counsel.

Minutes: The minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Faith Gavaldon reported that we have $21,935.60 in our checking account. Bryn Lynch approved the report and it was seconded by Terry Parks. It was noted that our annual treasurer’s report should be written and distributed to officers and directors.

Committee Reports:

Junior Competitive: Davis Cup, Wightman Cup and the NMTA Qualifier for the Midwest Closed had income of $3585.46 and expenses of $4647.84 for a loss of $1062.38. Ruth Smith observed this was close to budget. The Area Training Center was brought up and it was noted that it may cover its own expenses.

Adult Recreation: Wendy Reeve sent a report with Margaret Ruemenapp regarding the July 4th tournament in Harbor Springs. It rained on the 70 participants but Wendy feels this is a viable committee. Terry Parks observed that this committee and Community Development go hand in hand.

Adult League: Peggy Bushy will attend the DLC meeting in Indianapolis in January. Our 7.0 went to states. We need a greater connection with senior and mixed leagues.

Communications: This committee will undertake submitting articles to the USTA newsletters. Ruth Smith is in the learning process of adding pictures to our websites. The Nykerks have been a great help. Kudos to Ruth Smith on tennisupnorth.com. Mary Nykerk and Cheryl Bebee are helping with this committee.

Community Development: no committee chair has been appointed yet. Mary Sivula and Ruth Smith are attending the Community Development Workshop in Sandestin Florida in February.

District Endorsers: This committee now falls under Junior Competitive Committee and will be administrated by Chris Michalowski and Tom vanDeinse. Ed Watson has joined this committee.

Grants: Paul Leach in Copper Country has applied for a grant. It was suggested that Joe Havican and the Marquette Tennis Association host a meeting some time. They will be applying for grant money in 2005.

Junior Competitive Committee; The dates for Qualifier and Cup tryouts have been worked around and it seems that we must stay with the current system and try to accommodate serious life issues such as graduation. We are attempting to start up a Northern Michigan Junior Indoor Championship. Discussion concerning Area Training Center and where it should be located- Petoskey may be better because of the Upper Peninsula. No decision made.

Multicultural Participation: Harold Calton and Terry Parks were thanked for their work. Missy Bila mentioned that Mike Rahaley was talking to tribal representatives to begin teaching programs at Boyne Tennis Center. Dick Ruemenapp will represent this committee at the Midwest Annual Meeting.

Officials: no report.

Rankings: Rankings are now being computed by the Midwest Section elimination the need for player records from our juniors.

Grievance: no report. The word “Disciplinary” has been removed from this committee title.

Sanction and Schedule: all tournaments have been sanctioned for 2005. A tournament must be approved and run by USTA rules and it must have a tie to an organizational membership.

Yearbook: Yearbook income was $1905.00 and expenses ran $4116.99 for a loss of $ 2211.99. An advertising committee is sorely needed for this undertaking and liaisons in various communities.

New Business:

Vote on Call Items: Bryn Lynch motioned to adopt the call items and Faith Gavaldon seconded.

Dissolution Clause: Marilynn says that this is probably handled by the USTA ( the assets would go to them- they would be given to a like non profit). Terry Parks moved to approve our dissolution clause. Mary Sivula seconded. Motion passed

Bonding and Evaluation: Faith Gavaldon, Treasurer, and Margaret Ruemenapp, Executive Director should be bonded. The costs are $150-$200 to bond. It was also noted that the treasurer should not reconcile the bank account. Faith Gavaldon will send that to Dick Ruemenapp. Peggy Bushy and Margaret Ruemenapp, as paid independent contractors should be evaluated yearly. The 2004 and 2005 contracts have now been signed.properly.

Annual Meeting Midwest: December 3- 5 , 2004. Ruth Smith, Bryn Lynch, Mary Sivula, Dick and Margaret Ruemenapp are attending.

Miscellaneous: Thank you notes were received from Ferris Steinhauser for tennis balls donated to the Senior Center; Mary Weitzel Bailey of Pellston and Wendy Crummel of Manistee for schools program equipment minus curriculum guides. NMTA now has 323 racquets available on site ( Ruemenapp’s garage) for the schools program.

Ed Watson informed us of a campaign to bring the tennis channel to Northern Michigan, write letters to Charter.

Strategic Plans were issued for review.

Margaret Ruemenapp is attending a National Staff Development conference on Amelia Island in November.

The next meeting is in Petoskey at Boyne Tennis Center on January 23 at 1 p.m. The budget will be presented. Best meeting times are Wednesday in Traverse City and Sunday in Petoskey. Meeting was adjourned at 3:55 p.m. Motion to adjourn made by Faith Gavaldon and seconded by Terry Parks.

Respectfully submitted,
Bryn Lynch, Recording Secretary