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NMTA Annual Meeting Minutes from 11-20-2005

Northern Michigan Tennis Association         reviewed and approved 01-18-06
Minutes of the Annual Meeting                 
Stafford’s Bay View Inn, Petoskey
November 20, 2005

Mission Statement: To promote and develop the growth of tennis.

In attendance:  Margaret Ruemenapp, Mary Sivula, Terry Parks, Faith Gavaldon, Bryn Lynch, Ruth Smith, Tom VanDeinse, Marilynn Smith,  Dick Ruemenapp, Chris Michalowski.

Meeting was called to order at 4:30 p.m. by Mary Sivula.

September minutes were approved by Faith Gavaldon, and seconded by Tom Van Deinse.

Treasurer’s Report:  Profit and loss statement included in our information packets.  Budgets need to be submitted to Margaret Ruemenapp by December 20.The NMTA 2006 budget will be presented at the January meeting.  Our checking account, as of 10/31/05, contains $21, 973.10.  Tom VanDeinse motioned to approve the treasurer’s report, Bryn Lynch seconded it.

Old Business: 

Adults:  No report

USTA Adult League:  Peggy Bushy is in a quandary since we lost our courts in the Petoskey area.  The feasibility of running an outdoor program has been discussed. Faith expressed that Keith and Peggy Bushy are concerned about trying to run an outdoor program. Mick pointed out that Traverse City teams could play against one another at any time, and the indoor court time could be saved for teams that travel a long distance (in case of inclement weather).  Ruth suggests that maybe people WILL play during the summer and this might be the year to find out whether it will work or not.  Kathy Easter did an excellent job helping Peggy Bushy this past year.  Bryn Lynch mentioned that she might be interested in working toward this position, depending on the time frame.

Communications:  Ruth is committed to keeping up our web sites now. They are a great marketing and informational tool. The Bay Area web site should be up and running by Tuesday, November 22, 2005.  Mary Nykerk is looking into software to host our site.  Bryn Lynch asked about having personal information taken off the site(s).  Our grant information should be put on the web site, as should information (or, at least a link) about the tennis pros in the area.  Margaret Ruemenapp suggested Bryn Lynch contact Kathy Dalla Costa at the Midwest meeting.

Community Tennis Associations:  Margaret says that Beaver Island submitted a timely grant.  Tom has been in touch with Keith, Faith and Annie Murray.  That committee will meet 11/21/05 at 6 p.m. to make a decision.

District Endorsers:  Tom says the dates are set for the Qualifier:  June 2-4, 2006 in Traverse City.  Ruth asked if there would be many changes on application, Tom indicated no.

Grants:  NMTA spent $2400 of $3000 available in the spring.

Junior Competitive Events:  NMTA won the Sportsmanship award at the Junior Davis Cup and they did not take last place!  Tom is willing to do Jr. Davis Cup again and we’ll ask if Josie is willing to do the Jr. Wightman Cup again.  We need to have coaches for the 12’s and 14’s; same dates (June 16-20, 2006), different locations. We would most likely need to fund this program as well. Margaret Ruemenapp will obtain the details.

Junior Team Tennis:  Mary Sivula will get the sales launch kit back from Linda Clutter so that we can see what it’s like.  Tom vanDeinse commented how excited his juniors were about the wristbands.  Mick Michalowski indicated he had the first rallyball league this summer with 117 kids.  It was lots of fun, including parents coaching from the sidelines!  He had about 180 players total in the program.  West Junior High opens up the school every Saturday and would like to do something in the small gym there.  Mick Michalowski will be going to District training for area league coordinators in January.  His largest group was in grades 2-4.  Ruth wondered if anyone in Alpena would be interested in beginning this program, or anyone in Petoskey/Harbor Springs.  Mick Michalowski says it worked better to break up the rallyball a little with pep talks from the coaches, drawings for prizes, etc.  Over 13,000 points were played!!!  Program lasted for eight weeks, once a week.

Multicultural Participation:  Nothing to report.  Margaret had a talk with Kirk Ito who says we are fulfilling many of the Midwest’s parameters.

Officials:  Similar to September’s info. Still need a few data cards.

Grievance:  No Report

Sanction and Schedule:  Ed Watson is going to run a new clay court tourney in September at Birchwood.  $5000 from ESPN for the Snowbound Open.  Sanctioning problem with the Snowbound Open needs to be resolved. January 20-22, 2006.  Rallyball will get $1000 in scholarships at the Open.   Between the semis and finals Mick Michalowski will have the rallyball semis come in.  Teams from the summer will be awarded  their trophies.  The community will receive exposure to rallyball.  Mick Michalowski was reminded to take pictures etc. for yearbook.

Yearbook:  Linda Richter-Clutter is ready to collect articles and photos.  As our new yearbook editor we ask you send your items to her in a timely fashion.  Peggy Bushy and Ruth Smith will assist in the proofreading with respect to Adult League information.

Awards:  This new committee chaired by Terry Parks held the luncheon today. NMTA honored Joseph vanDeinse, presented by Terry Parks, and Molly Kring, presented by Chris Michalowski, with the male and female junior sportsmanship awards. Karen and Russ Langs, presented by Marilynn Smith, received the Family of the Year Award. Ruth Smith, presented by Wendy Franz, received the Volunteer of the Year award, and Phyllis Laurila, presented by Margaret Ruemenapp, received the Phyllis Laurila award for service to the tennis community from the grassroots level up. Terry Parks will keep a notebook containing nominees and winners as an archive of the process.

New Business:

Election of Officers – The slate of officers was presented as it stands with one exception: Tom van Deinse is third vice president and Terry Parks has moved to first vice president.  Tom vanDeinse motioned to accept the slate and Bryn Lynch seconded. 

Logo Implementation:  We used it for the first time on our Awards program. This logo is now consistent throughout the USTA. It should help to connect the programs that were sometimes branded alone. The logo must always have the trademark.  Until the roll out is complete in April 2006, approval is needed to use it.  Everything will be outmoded and will need to be replaced.

Date for next year’s annual meeting:  Margaret suggests always the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  We discussed bringing the budget to this meeting. We also discussed several locations in Traverse City, Charlevoix or Elk Rapids on Sunday, November 19, 2006. 

CDTW Workshop:  This is a high powered conference that we wish members of Board would attend. Mary Sivula and Ruth Smith attended last year. This year’s date is   February 3-6, 2006 in Hollywood, CA.  We need to make a commitment to this program soon. Margaret Ruemenapp will e-mail key people to see if anyone else is interested.

Consistent dates and times for our meetings:  Difficult to do with so many people’s schedules.  Our next meeting is January 18, 2006. A March date will be set in January.

January “Across the Court”:  Margaret Ruemenapp would like to look into an “e-news” format.  Marilynn Smith complimented how nice the newsletter looked.  We will try to collect emails and in the January issue we will put out a plea. A plea will go out on the website, as well.

Conference calls in place of working meetings:   NMTA has not used this tool in the two years that Margaret Ruemenapp has been E.D.  Ruth Smith says they work well.  Tom vanDeinse asked if the by-laws allow for that and Marilynn Smith said that they do.  Margaret Ruemenapp will investigate.

Membership costs are increasing $3 for juniors and $5 for adults.  Old rate can be locked in prior to January 1st with a five year purchase Ruth Smith asked if Tom vanDeinse would have time to write up something short to put on-line about the cost increase. 

NMTA has 926 members as of October 1st.  We show a growth of .32%.  Some districts are decreasing.  In the rankings we are no longer on the bottom! 

Meeting was motioned to adjourn at 5:41 p.m.  by Bryn Lynch and seconded by Faith Gavaldon.