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Board of Directors Bi-Monthly Meeting Part II from February 15, 2010

Board of Directors
Bi-Monthly Meeting
Part II
February 15, 2010

Since the budget could not be presented on January 17, 2010 at the regularly scheduled bi-monthly meeting this meeting was set up for the sole purpose of presenting the budget for approval. The meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. and present on the call were:

Board members present: were Don Newport, Nancy Rushlow, Dick Ruemenapp, Vickie Lampel, Ruth Smith, and Paul Wieland
Staff members present were: Margaret Ruemenapp and Adam Begley

The meeting was called to order by President Don Newport. The budget was the primary focus of the meeting. Figures in the budget underwent some changes from the first draft. It was noted in the budget process that court time was not paid to the clubs from last year’s Northern Michigan Junior Indoor. The tournament had been recapped and revenue over expense was deduced but checks were not written. This oversight, apologized for by Margaret Ruemenapp, was rectified. The clubs have been paid and the budget adjusted.

Although we are in deficit $3179 both our President and our Treasurer are comfortable with this figure. The USTA League budget is substantially larger than anticipated and those figures will change in the course of the year.

With just about one year’s operating expense in a CD our Treasurer feels the Association is in good stead. Ruth motioned to accept the budget as amended. The motion was supported by Vickie Lampel and the budget for 2010 was approved unanimously.

We have anonymous donors who intend to purchase 25 new junior memberships. Having conversed with Ron Brooks and Dorian Dyson, the Treasurer of the Midwest Tennis Association, the easiest way to accomplish this is if our donors write a check for 25 new junior memberships to the Midwest Tennis and Youth Foundation which is totally tax deductible. For each membership we sell the Midwest will purchase the charitable one out of that fund. Vickie Lampel has started the process and has already identified 6 or 7 juniors worthy of this membership donation.

Don Newport brought up the Employment and Compensation for Executive Directors, per Article 5.9. This article was emailed during the meeting to give the Board an idea of the kinds of compensation that are being paid to the other EDs’. Don Newport entertained the motion from Vickie Lampel and seconded by Nancy Rushlow that Margaret Ruemenapp’s salary be increased to $5500 annually payable in 12 monthly payments and retroactive to January 1, 2010. Passed unanimously.

Margaret Ruemenapp briefed the Board on the DLC position. Rebecca Rogers has resigned from her position of District League Coordinator effective July 31, 2010. We have made all League competitors and Midwest Executive Directors, as well as all web site readers aware of our situation. Rebecca is glad to help in every way. Vince Szymanski has expressed an interest in the position and is in possession of the formal job description and application for employment.

Dick Ruemenapp moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 p.m.